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Jisoo from BLACKPINK rarely has time to waste, but always does these 3 things when she is free

You can relate to her, okay!

BLACK PINK‘s Jisoo is one of K-Pop’s liveliest idols. Not only does he have his hands full getting ready to release their second full album, BORN PINKbut she’s also fully occupied in the acting and fashion industries.

Jisoo from BLACKPINK | @sooyaa __ / Instagram

Therefore, he rarely has time to devote to himself. Marie Claire he asked her about it as she sat down to interview them: “How do you spend your free time?”

Check out her hugely related answers below!

1. Food

First, Jisoo has simple tastes. Her most basic need is what she loves the most: food.

Whenever there are no plans for the future, she makes sure she takes time to relax during a meal.

I like a nice dinner.

– Jisoo

This has been confirmed many times over the course of BLACKPINK’s career. On vlogs, live streams, and more, the oldest member has often been seen eating happily.

2. Relax

Speaking of relaxing, Jisoo does something that most of us can’t help but do in our spare time – nothing. In particular, he recovers his strength by moving as little as possible.

[I love to] chill at home all day.

– Jisoo

Blinking can quickly bring up her famous meme with BLACK House this proves that this answer is true. Here she lay in bed, staring blankly ahead, winding the lint remover over her blanket and clothes.

3. Entertainment

Finally, a BLACKPINK member sometimes wants to do more than just lie in bed. She shared that she also likes “Watch a movie or a drama [she] omitted” because he does not always have the opportunity to watch his favorite programs while they are broadcast.

She figured her routine might not be the most exciting, but it definitely suited her.

I am a household member.

– Jisoo

Watch the full video below to learn more about Jisoo!



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