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Jo Yuri called “rude” and “disgusting” after he did it during a live broadcast – what happened?

Former IZ * ONE who became a soloist, Jo Yuri, created a buzz about PANN for THIS reason. In the post, the solo singer eating with her ex-fellow members, now members of LE SSERAFIM, Kim Chaewon and Miyazaki Sakura.

What did Jo Yuri do to make an article about her? Read on!

(Photo: Instagram: @zo__glasss)

Jo Yuri Garners has mixed reactions to her eating habit

In a September 12 PANN post, OP and some commentators expressed their disgust towards Jo Yuri eating habiteven calling her “disgusting” and “rude”.

    Jo Yuri's eating habits are gaining attention because of this

(photo by PANN)
It is for this reason that Jo Yuri’s eating habits attract attention.

Jo Yuri eating with ex-members of IZ * ONE

(photo by PANN)
The old movie about Jo Yuri’s eating habits gets attention because of this

There are three gifs of Jo Yuri in the post. The first involves an idol who puts away the food she has already bitten, only so that Kim Chaewon can eat.

In the second gif, he also tosses the food back into the container after eating it. It seems she didn’t like it.

The third is from another incident and is with Hitomi and the other members. This time you can see how much he is shaking his legs.

Some viewers find this act rude and unpleasant.

“She throws away the food she has eaten. Damn disgusting her. Don’t they eat together? What is she doing? And so she shakes her leg … “

“I don’t even want to watch the food she ate with her own mouth, so why is she throwing it away?”

– How did she learn table manners?


“There are many reasons for trembling legs, but you just don’t throw food on your plate like that. At least not in public and from a plate where others eat. ‘

“Exactly and I share bites of my food or share straws with my friends … but tossing the HALF-BEGNED back into the container is where I draw the line like a gurl ed.”

Fans jump to Idol’s Defense: “Why do you hate Yuri so much?”

Meanwhile, there are also people who think it wasn’t that deep. They rejected the topic and instead criticized the OP.

Jo Yuri More

(Photo: Official Instagram of Jo Yuri)
Jo Yuri More

Jo Yuri fans defended the idol in the comments, saying:

“How little can you find hate on it? How old are they? Your honesty that you choose these parts to make them.”

“You’ve worked hard writing the same post about DC and Virgo. Why do you hate Yuri so much? “

“You’re even more disgusting for doing this even years later”

Others still defend Jo Yuri, especially in the second gif where she put the food in an empty container.

“Second gif: she puts it in the part of her plate that has nothing on because the piece she took obviously had some wasabi on it and she really couldn’t eat spicy things then and nowhere to put it. Nobody’s going to touch that piece later. “

How about you? Was her habit also gross and unusual?

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