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Joshua from SEVENTEEN visited the Philippines last weekend and over 15 hilarious tweets represent fans who didn’t know

SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua trend in the Philippines when it was revealed that he visited Bonifacio Global City last weekend. He was seen walking Suburb parade with her mother during Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving.

Fans who unfortunately didn’t bump into him had the funniest reactions on the web. Check them out below!

1. First, when they were jealous and understandable

2. When they pretended to see Joshua at a private university

The style of saying “conyo” betrayed a joke.

3. When they laughed but were depressed

4. When they joked about Christmas in September

Yes, Pinoys is setting up Christmas decorations from September 1.

Joshua left [to the Philippines] for Chuseok and I was surprised why it is already Christmas.

– Twitter user @cheolattes

5. When could they only guess, how did fans react to seeing Joshua in real life?

6. When they prided themselves on being a Pinoy

7. When they realized Joshua wasn’t lying

8. When they needed a hug

9. When would they welcome him with a very extra dance?

10. When they were sad that they didn’t get their own “Y / N” moment

They could live in a fanfic.

11. When they lied that they were not jealous of the CARAT who met him

When the developer of TikTok said: “Me ?! Am I jealous? God I don’t in that tone we all felt it.

12. When they couldn’t help but pout

13. When they were in the right place but at the wrong time

14. When they joked that COVID-19 didn’t kill them, but meeting Joshua was not

They said, “I wear a face mask all the time, but in fact, jealousy is going to kill me.”

15. When they burned with envy

16. When they were like all Filipinos teleserye a figure that had a breakdown

17. When their murderous tendencies appeared

Of course, don’t take it seriously!

18. And when the fandom exploded in less than a day

Joshua spends time in the Philippines? Fans barely miss him? For many, it’s a certified crash.

Read more about his visit below.

Joshua of SEVENTEEN celebrated Chuseok in the Philippines but Filo CARAT kept it a secret


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