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Joy Crush’s boyfriend, “I became an adult after serving in the military”, return to “I Live Alone” after 6 years

The famous singer Crush returns to MBC’s “I Live Alone” program after 6 years.

On September 16 at 11:10 pm (KST) MBC’s “I Live Alone” program will introduce a special feature focusing on the famous singer Crushu, who returns to the series after 6 years.

Crush, a “music genius” with a strong emotional tone and production abilities, drew attention to “I Live Alone” 6 years ago when he revealed the true charm of “Human Shin Hyo Seop”. In addition, the singer was then the final winner of the “Spacing Out Competition”, creating the legendary scene in the history of “I Live Alone”.

Returning to “I Live Alone”, Crush reveals his dog Duyu who appeared with him in the past and introduces her to her new family, Rose, while showing the restless daily life of “dog father”.

In particular, Crush, who appeared with a swollen face similar to the one six years ago, said: “I went to the military and now I have a new family member. I have become an adult. ”

The singer then showed off his home refrigerator, which is filled with nutritious dog food, and revealed how he puts his dog and his health above himself, inspiring admiration.


At the same time, the unique method of walking the Crush dogs will also be revealed. In particular, the singer often takes his two dogs on separate walks so that each can get their own tailor’s walk. The singer also made people laugh with his daily habit of skipping meals and going for two walks a day.

In addition, a scene of a “dog rally” of Crush and the local residents will be unveiled. Here, a rare sight of four people and seven dogs walking together attracting attention. Crush also seems close enough to share a chicken meal with other “dog fools” locals.

Source: Nate


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