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Jung Chaeyeon on the “Golden Spoon” accident, playing only beautiful characters, and more

On November 22, Jung Chaeyeon’s photo and interview was published for the December issue of Esquire.

Jung Chaeyeon showed various looks with dresses and coats. In another interview, she shared her feelings about the ending of “The Golden Spoon”.

Jung Chaeyeon, who broke his collarbone in an accident while filming The Golden Spoon, said: “It’s the first time I’ve had such a major operation, so I think I’ve gained a new experience. It’s much better now than the first time.” showing a positive attitude.

she continued “This year I was so engrossed in the Golden Spoon that even after the drama ended, I didn’t feel it was over. It was surprising. Now, step by step, I am returning to my original life.”

Jung Chaeyeon Esquire Korea

Jung Chaeyeon, who started her acting career with “Drinking Solo” while promoting IOI and DIA, said: “I dreamed of becoming an actress, but I didn’t know the opportunity would come so soon. At that time, I had a strong desire to work hard in a given situation.”

Regarding the fact that he often plays outstandingly pretty characters, Jung Chaeyeon humbly said: “There were times when I was like, ‘Is this okay? I was able to express (my characters) well because of the people around me who helped me.”

source: daum.


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