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Jung Ho Yeon’s embroidered dress and hair ornament took Louis Vuitton 600 hours

The outfit Jung Ho Yeon decorated at the 2022 Emmy Awards was a 600-hour piece of work.

Model and actress Jung Ho Yeon, who is the main cast of the popular Netflix series “Game of Squid,” wore a traditional Korean hair ornament on the red carpet of the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards – one of the most prestigious awards on American television. industry. Here, the actress’s outfit, from head to toe, was nothing but the work of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

According to Louis Vuitton, on September 14, Jung Ho Yeon wore a long, slit gown with the brand’s multicolored embroidery to attend the Emmy Awards ceremony on September 12 (local time). Jung Ho Yeon also drew attention to her short black hair, Louis Vuitton purse and hair ornament – which takes inspiration from the traditional Korean hair ornament worn by royal female members.

Louis Vuitton has customized a dress, bag and hair accessories for actress Jung Ho Yeon.

As a global ambassador for Louis Vuitton, Jung Ho Yeon received a hand-embroidered silk dress that is specially designed for her. The dress is said to take 110 hours and an additional 490 hours to embroider.

Meanwhile, Jung Ho Yeon’s hair accessories are specially made, inspired by a traditional Korean ornament and resemble chrysanthemum petals. The accessory is also made of crystal, shell and pearl and took over 30 hours to complete thanks to the collaboration of various disciplines such as design, jewelry making and electroplating.

For this Jung Ho Yeon used shoes, high-quality jewelry and a Louis Vuitton purse that resembles a lucky bag.

Jung Ho Yeon’s fashion on Emmys, which is distinguished by various Korean elements, quickly caught the attention of people all over the world. People, the American entertainment media, placed the actress among the best-dressed actresses on the Emma red carpet.

jung ho yeon
Jung Ho Yeon once flaunted a traditional Korean braid hairstyle at the SAG awards ceremony

Earlier in February, Jung Ho Yeon also unveiled the Korean-inspired styling at the 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG). At this awards ceremony, Louis Vuitton also made a custom costume for Jeong Ho-yeon.

The model-actress, in particular, wore a black silk gown adorned with silver rhinestones at the time, while boasting of her hair braided in a traditional Korean style, along with a hair accessory that also follows Korean tradition.

“I asked Louis Vuitton for an accessory to add details of the Korean tradition”, the actress once revealed herself in an interview.

Source: Nate


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