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Jung Ji So and Kang Ha Neul end up in the hospital dressed in fancy clothes in “Curtain Call”

KBS2’s ‘Curtain Call’ has shared a look at what’s going on in the upcoming episode!

Curtain Call is a drama about an elderly North Korean hotelier with little time left to live, and a theater actress who pretends to be her grandson to grant her last wish. Kang Ha Neul stars as Yoo Jae Heon, an unknown theatrical actor who undertakes a life-changing venture, while Ha Ji Won stars as heiress Park Se Yeon who manages the Nakwon Hotel owned by her grandmother Ja Geum Soon (played by Go Doo Shim ).


The founder of Nakwon Hotel Ja Geum Soon, who was previously diagnosed with a terminal illness, announced the last banquet of her life, and Yoo Jae Heon and Seo Yoon Hee (Jung Ji So), who act as her fake grandson and his wife, were also invited as family members . As this is an occasion where many people gather, Yoo Jae Heon and Seo Yoon Hee attend the banquet with mixed feelings of anxiety – fearing that their identities might be revealed – and anticipation – wanting to make Ja Geum Soon’s final banquet more meaningful . However, Yoo Jae Heon and Seo Yoon Hee, who are attending a banquet dressed in fancy clothes, run into an unexpected crisis when they come face to face with people who know their true identities.

In the process, new stills were released ahead of today’s episode. In the first picture, Seo Yoon Hee is sitting in what is probably a hospital room. She makes a serious, slightly gloomy face, contrasting with her light pink dress, arousing the curiosity of the audience, which does not allow her to fully enjoy the banquet.

In the next frame, Ja Geum Soon looks at someone with a worried expression, as if she might burst into tears at any moment. She is still wearing the banquet dress from the previous episode, adding to the curiosity about the development of the incident that took place at the banquet.

The last picture shows Yoo Jae Heon lying on a hospital bed with Seo Yoon Hee standing next to him.

The production team noted, “When Yoo Jae Heon and Seo Yoon Hee who went to the banquet are in danger of revealing their identities, unpredictable events will occur. Please wait if Yoo Jae Heon and Seo Yoon Hee will be able to escape this crisis.”

Episode 7 “Curtain Call” will air on November 22 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch the drama below:

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