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K-drama stars born in 1999 who are taking the industry by storm

These K-drama actors and actresses are gaining a lot of popularity and prominence in the Korean acting scene.

In recent years, the K-drama scene has changed a lot with the arrival of younger actors and actresses, and many unusual names were born in 1999. Below are 5 famous faces born in 1999 that have shown great potential through various achievements and performances.

Kim Yo Jung

Although Kim Yoo Jung is a young actress, she is actually an experienced senior who has full potential to become a superstar in the future. With a versatile look that can go from youthful, lively and innocent to alluring and mature, Kim Yoo Jung can suit a wide variety of roles. Debuting as a child actress, she also showcased outstanding acting skills and nailed many notable works such as “Moon in the Sun’s Embrace”, “Love in the Moonlight” and “Red Sky Lovers”.

Kim Yoo-jung thumbnail

Right now, all Kim Yoo Jung has to do is keep his pace and choose good scripts to star in. In 2022, she had a great success with the Netflix movie “20th Century Girl” and hopefully she can keep up that streak.

Kim So Hyun

kim so-hyun

Kim So Hyun hasn’t been very active lately, she didn’t have any projects in 2022. Despite this, the young actress is far from forgotten. Like Kim Yoo Jung, she started acting as a child and slowly built up her repertoire before being recognized for her talent, visuals and achievements.

thumbnail kim so-hyun

So far, Kim So Hyun has never been bothered by any image and can go from soft-hearted female characters to stronger and bolder characters. It is simply impossible to ignore her growth and huge potential.

Jin Ji Hee

Instagram ji jin hee

Another talented name born in 1999 is none other than actress Jin Ji Hee. However, this beauty still has a long way to go seeing that while her acting is excellent, the actress has yet to nail down some impressive work in adulthood.

Instagram ji jin hee

Most recently, Jin Ji Hee gained attention after playing the role of Yoo Jeni in 3 seasons of the megahit K drama “Penthouse”. Let’s hope that in the future her path will be wider and her dedication and skills will be appreciated.

Lomon (Solomon Park)

Solomon Park

Among the beauties of 1999, Lomon, aka Park Solomon, also managed to make a name for himself. In 2022, he appeared with a role in the Netflix series “All Of Us Are Dead” and won the hearts of various viewers with his handsome appearance and loyal character. Now he appears in the Disney+ drama Revenge of the Wiretap and successfully shows a different side of his acting.

Solomon Park

Throughout his career, Park Solomon has gone through many supporting and guest roles to achieve the popularity he enjoys today. With such potential, the actor is destined to be a shining star in the future as well.

Cho Yi Hyun

for the yi hyun thumbnail

Last but not least is Cho Yi Hyun, who starred opposite Park Solomon in All Of Us Are Dead. Unlike others on the list, Cho Yi Hyun is rather new to the acting scene, having made his debut in 2017 with a small role in “Witch at Court”.

Nevertheless, her role as Choi Nam Ra in “All Of Us Are Dead” brought the actress a lot of recognition and earned her name among K-drama fans. Her previous acting performances in “Hospital Playlist” and “School 2021” are also highly praised.

cho yi hyun

Soon, Cho Yi Hyun will appear in the youth movie “Ditto” alongside Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Hye Yoon and Na In Woo. Thanks to her unique looks, engaging acting and hard work, the actress shows great potential to become a big star in the future.

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