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K-pop groups of girls who would be “better known” if managed by “big three” agencies

We all know that K-pop groups rely heavily on their agencies to manage and support their businesses. This is why the groups from the “Big Three” are always successful and are guaranteed to have fans before their debut.

Not all groups from smaller agencies fail, but these four girly K-pop groups deserve much better.

Pristin V

(Photo: Pristin)
K-pop groups of girls who would be “better known” if served by “Big Three” agencies

First on our list is the girls ‘Pledis group, Pristin V. The whole group made their debut in 2017 after the dissolution of the first girls’ group MNET from their Produce IOI series

After more than a year, their first and last group debuted, which released only one song “Get It”. the song is still revered by many longtime K-pop fans.

Two of their members, Nayoung, the leader, and Kyulkung, a member of China, are part of the IOI, and the other three members, Roa, Rena and Eunwoo, also participated in the show.

Their fans were a huge shock why Pledis Entertainment gave up promoting the girly group when they were really well known and had a lot of fans.

In fact, the music video “Get It” has over 25 million views, and that is really a long time before the pandemic.

Now imagine a girly band like Pristin V, all the beautiful and talented ladies making their debut at SM Entertainment or any of the Big Three agencies. It’s the kind of sexyness that K-pop lacks today, mature and well done.

They would definitely set all Korea on fire and break records here and there. Pledis Entertainment is known to destroy their own groups of girls, with After School and Orange Caramel being the prime examples. So there are fans who knew he was coming.



(Photo: Ark (News1))

The very unfortunate group from Music-K Entertainment broke up after only releasing one song, “The Light”.

This girl group of five is also very talented and made waves in the international K-pop scene with just one song.

Although Minju and Yuna Kim tried it again with KHAN, it was another setback as the duo failed to make a name for themselves.

Another member of Yujin also tried with “Voice of Korea” and “Miss Beak” but still was unable to get good results. It’s the same with UNI.T of which Suji was a former member.

Most likely because they had no good for a great agency to endorse their promotions. Imagine they made their debut with JYP Entertainment, they will have tons of fans and will probably release a full album and continue to show how amazing and talented they are.



(Photo: Instagram: @cube_clc_official)

Although CLC ended their contract with CUBE Entertainment, they didn’t really manage to show their potential. They made their debut in 2015, released many albums and songs, but never really achieved top-notch status as a girly group.

The members are all beautiful and talented, so definitely CUBE Entertainment’s fault was that they didn’t make it to the top.

Their most famous song “Helicopter” was released in 2020 and has over 65 million views on their official YouTube channel.

If such a group and song were promoted by a company from the “Big Three”, it would surely reach over a hundred million views in just a month or two.


fromis_9 from our Memento Box

(Photo: Twitter: @ realfromis_9)
Jang Gyuri will leave zis_9― What will happen to the group?

This girly group from MNET “Idol School” is the only group that is still together even though one member has already passed away.

Fromis_9 is a K-pop group that deserves better management. The group had a really long hiatus between “Fun” and “Feel Good” which are good songs.

All members are pretty and talented, so it’s a shock that they haven’t achieved much success in Korea yet. Fromis_9 are fun and entertaining too, so Pledis Entertainment needs to speed up their game and promote the girls more.

If they were in SM Entertainment with JYP Entertainment, they would likely be on different entertainment shows and host different shows.

I hope that thanks to the support of HYBE they will achieve success in their next comeback.

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With a script by Jaswin Singh


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