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Kai from EXO and Hwasa from MAMAMOO show their unexpectedly chaotic dynamics

The fans are here for their wonderful chemistry!

EXO‘s Kai and MAMMOO‘s Hwasa are the new models of the South Korean health and beauty brand Oil Youngand fans have already loved their lovely dynamics.

Hwasa MAMAOO | @ _mariahwasa / Instagram

Kai from EXO | @ zkdlin / Instagram

In addition to being the undisputed all-rounders, both idols are known for their insane visuals. It is hardly surprising that they would be a popular model choice from many brands including the Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Now they are combining their visual power as models for Olive Young, and fans couldn’t be more excited to see them together.

| Young Oliwka

In the last promotional video, the two shared their thoughts on modeling the brand. Hwasa jokingly stated that Olive Young seems to be a dangerous place for her because it is difficult for her to leave after entering …

| @ OliwkaMłoda / Twitter

… While Kai made fans proud of his serious new MC skills!

Fans did not miss their lovely manners …

… Which they believe shows how well they both seem to be filming together.

In fact, they seemed to really bring out each other’s crazy duality!

This joint modeling venture showed the friendship between EXO and MAMAMOO that many fans have always wanted to see, and they did it in the most satisfying way.

We hope to see many more of these top two in the future!

In the meantime, watch the full clip here.


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