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KAI ‘Rover’ Reaction To MV: EXO Reunites To Support Co-Member’s Third Mini-Album

KAI ‘Rover’ Reaction To MV: EXO Reunites To Support Co-Member’s Third Mini-Album

EXO released a reaction video to Kai’s “Rover” MV, showing them supporting the third mini-album from world-class artists.

See their reaction here!

EXO supports Kai with a reaction video for MV “Rover”.

EXO-L are thrilled to see EXO reunited in one video to support Kai with his music video “Rover” and third mini album of the same name.

(Photo: Twitter: @weareoneEXO)

On March 14, EXO uploaded a video of their reaction to Kai’s newly released “Rover”. To start the reaction, Kai happily introduced the release of the song and that they would watch it together. This prompted the other members to clap and congratulate him for finally releasing his third solo mini-album.

Kai also stated how nervous he was because this is his first time watching a reaction video with the other members. In the video, the members present were Kai himself, along with Baekhyun, Sehun, Xiumin, Suho, Chen, DO, and Chanyeol.


(Photo: Twitter: @fujidafau)

EXO Kai Releases New Solo Album 'Rover'

(Image credit: EXO Twitter)

During the music video, all members of the band were mesmerized by the song and Kai’s amazing dance moves. Leader Suho noted how Kai’s character in the music video changed identity, while Xiumin loved the addictive choreography.

Kai then explained that his character’s role is that of a spy, generating more anticipation for what is to come. DO then praised the song for its good quality and Chanyeol added that “Rover” should definitely join the Billboard charts, showing their unconditional support for Kai.

EXO Kai Releases New Solo Album 'Rover'

(Image credit: EXO Twitter)

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However, their chaotic side came out when Chanyeol joked that “Rover” could also be included as their next group song, causing laughter in the hall!

The EXO members were shocked to see the ending of the MV, with Kai’s character falling gracefully before moving to an abrupt end, leading to a noteworthy conclusion.

You can see their full reaction here:

EXO shares his honest thoughts on Kai’s ‘Rover’

Then, the youngest member, Sehun, said that he liked the style, choreography, and production of the song. Suho added that the music video successfully creates a fantasy atmosphere.


(Photo: exo2020reborn)

Kai’s favorite part of the video was dancing in front of the lady selling fake IDs, which is in the MV at 1:05. Suho then praised the cross-editing of the choreographed ballerinas.

Chanyeol’s favorite part was the portrayal of the identity of “Billy Elliot” and he was amazed at the look of the ballerina figure. DO praised the song for its punctual presence despite its short duration AND Sehun added that there is a lot to look forward to in the music video.

EXO Kai Releases New Solo Album 'Rover'

(Image credit: EXO Twitter)

Meanwhile, Xiumin described Kai’s third mini-album as hip and energetic compared to his previous releases. Chen added that while everyone knows Kai’s charisma as a performer, “Rover” was able to see more of his personality, development and mature side.

Finally, Baekhyun praised Kai’s relaxed MV performance before being invited by the maknae for the “Rover” challenge. After all, Suho encouraged the fans to support Kai, and EXO will be rooting for him as well.

Check out the full MV for “Rover” here:

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