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KARA is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a new album this month

KARA will return with a new album for the 15th anniversary of her debut as a five-member girl group due out this month.

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KARA will return for its 15th anniversary with 5 members

On June 19, TV Report announced that KARA is preparing to release an album on the occasion of the group’s 15th anniversary.

(Photo: Instagram: @ gyuri_88)

They said the second generation girly group would return in November after a long hiatus.

KARA will release a full-length album and this is their first album in 7 years. Their last release was in May 2015 with their seventh mini-album “In Love”.

This comeback will be very significant as it is a complete album with all five members including Nicole and Kang Jiyoung who left in 2014. Of course, leader Park Gyuri, lead singer Han Seungyeon and the youngest Heo Youngji, who were all existing members, also included.

The members expressed their willingness to enjoy the album full of joyful and bright energy with their fans.

According to Instiz, the album will be like a festival as it is prepared for fans who have been sending love and support for a long time. It is Rainbow Bridge World, the MAMAMOO agency, which is now in charge of the group’s activities after the acquisition of DSP Media.

The entertainment agency has announced that it will fully support the 15th anniversary album, as it will be released after a long time. They will help KARY members express their wishes to their fans as much as possible – said the president of RBW.


(Photo: Instagram: @ gyuri_88)

DAUM also announced that the second-generation girly group also plans to appear on various TV shows at the same time as the album is released to celebrate the 15th anniversary.

KARA’s colorful story over the years

KARA debuted in 2007 with DSP Media with her first full-length album “Bloooooming” and the title track “Break It”.

Initially, they were a group of four members, but after the departure of their former leader, they became five. Hara and Jiyoung have been added to the slot.


(Photo: Twitter: @KARA_DSP)

They returned with a different style and music in 2008 with “Pretty Girl” and “Honey” was their breakthrough hit.

Then they played “Mr.”, known for its “butt dance”, as well as “Lupine”, “Jumping” and “STEP”, which were successful.

After receiving great love from the audience and being called “the representative girly group of the second generation”, they made their debut in Japan and became an even bigger hit there.

They gained worldwide popularity by recording high album sales on the Japanese Oricon chart and for the first time as a female group organizing a solo concert at Tokyo Dome.

However, in 2014, Jiyoung and Nicole left the group after failing to renew their contracts with DSP Media.

Nicole started her solo career as a singer while Jiyoung became an actress in Japan. For this reason, “Project KARA” was created and Youngji was added to the group of girls.


(Photo: Twitter: @KARA_DSP)

KARA officially dissolved in 2016 after DSP Media announced that Park Gyuri, Hara and Seungyeon had not renewed their contracts.

In June of this year, the group did a photo shoot that sparked speculation about the group’s reunion and a possible return.

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