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Kazuha of LE SSERAFIM talks about leaving everything she knew to become a K-Pop idol

She overcame her company’s initial doubts to get to where she is today.

SSERAPHIM recently released a four-part document detailing the months leading up to their debut. In it, they introduced each member and how they became part of the group.

(from left to right) Yunjin, Chaewon, Kazuha, Sakura and Eunchae SERAFINS | @ LE_SSERAFIM / Twitter

Kazuha was asked to join the debut band LE SSERAFIM after another intern, Harukashe was told she would not make her debut for the group.

Haruka intern | HYBE LABELS

Haruka was training next to it Yunjin, Chaewonand Sakura up to this point, so it was important that employees find someone who fits the specific group concept in order to maintain the trust between LE SSERAFIM and their company.

It was very important for us to reassure the members. We wanted to trust them. As for the new member, we promised to find someone within a certain time frame to fit the brand concept we agreed.

– Lee Jung Seong, production director

This led them to Kazuha, whose first appearance in a documentary showed the future idol in Amsterdam. She studied ballet there at the Dutch National Ballet Academy, but was already preparing as an intern, working with a dance coach and vocal trainer.

Despite extensive ballet education, she had no experience with other dance styles, which the dance coach, Jang Hye Rinhe noted, he was holding her back compared to the other apprentices.

Kim Sori, the vocal coach, said the company had concerns about Kazuha’s adaptation to life as part of his rookie band. She recognized the language barriers and cultural differences that Kazuha had to overcome and adapt to them, revealing that the company hopes the idol will remain motivated to overcome the obstacles.

Kazuha was motivated and motivated to succeed because K-Pop was a new beginning for her. In the second episode of the documentary, Kazuha revealed that she started ballet at the age of three, and although she was an accomplished and award-winning dancer, it became her life.

She began to wonder if ballet was really what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She said that she had been struggling with her life direction since she was in 9th grade.

Her decision to leave everything she knew behind and focus on being an idol rather than pursuing a ballet career led her to becoming a member of LE SSERAFIM. The company organized a conference to share the concept of LE SSERAFIM with the group, showing exactly why Kazuha was selected for the group.

Even though Kazuha was determined, the road to debut was not always easy. Just three days after moving to Korea to start practicing with future group members, she broke down in dance practice. Proving her professionalism and striving for success, she confessed that she practiced the choreography herself so as not to burden the other members.

The dance trainer tried to cheer her up by reminding Kazuha that she had only been with the group for a week or two when Sakura revealed that it was really only three days.

The instructor was surprised and praised Kazuha’s skills, saying that watching her she thought she had been practicing for weeks.

Kazuha’s determination to overcome all obstacles on her way to debut shows her diligent personality and confirms that the decision to pursue the unknown has paid off for her.

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