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KBS reportedly embroiled in a dispute with actors over payment

KBS reportedly embroiled in a dispute with actors over payment

Some of the most popular Korean actors are reportedly affected.

KBS he is reportedly in conflict with the actors over retransmission fees. The conflict concerns retransmission fees for dramas purchased by KBS from third-party production companies.

According to Chosun IlboKBS did not pay fees for the retransmission of dramas, If you wish, curtain, crazy loveAND Cursed Firstly. Famous actors are featured in the dramas Sooyoung, And in Woo, Crystal Jung, This is HaNul, Ha Ji WonAND Ji Chang Wook.

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The report states that all of these dramas were produced by outside production companies who then sold the broadcasting rights to KBS. Although broadcast networks usually produce their own dramas, buying broadcast rights from third-party production companies is becoming more common.

The basis for KBS’s refusal to pay retransmission fees is Art. 100 of the Korean Copyright Act. The article states that all required broadcasting fees are presumed to have been provided by the production company. In other words, KBS argues that retransmission fees should be paid by the production companies themselves.

The article states that there are those who claim that KBS is abusing the law for its own benefit. The article noted that the law was established when broadcasters made their own dramas, and that the production company named in the law actually refers to the broadcasters. The Korea Broadcasting Performers’ Rights Association claimed that the law was created to protect production companies from the tyranny of broadcasters, but that KBS was breaking the law.

KBS’s biggest competitors, other broadcasting companies SBS AND MBCthey reportedly paid retransmission fees regardless of who produced the drama.

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