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Kep1er announces comeback, 2023 Japanese tour

Kep1er announces comeback, 2023 Japanese tour

Kep1ans, rejoice! Kep1er has Very in store for you!

“Monstrous Newcomer” is gearing up for its next comeback, scheduled to premiere in April. They also announced tour dates in Japan!

Kep1er announces Japan tour, releases second Japanese album

On March 15, Wake One and Swing Entertainment also announced the dates for Kep1er’s first tour in Japan.

The concert is scheduled to begin in May in Tokyo, Japan, followed by Aichi and Kobe, Japan.

(Image credit: Wake One, Swing Entertainment, Sony Music Japan)

On the same day the concert was announced, Kep1er released their second Japanese single “Fly By”.

The song “Fly By”, which means “approaching”, metaphorically expresses the singer’s desire to meet someone special, or convey the desire to meet and have romantic feelings for someone.

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Kep1er's 'Comeback', 'TROUBLESHOOTER' Concept Photo Released…Girls Hero Transformation

(Photo: Kep1er Twitter)

Kep1er’s new single features 5 tracks, including the original Japanese track “I do, Do you?” and the b-side “tOgether, forever”.

The album also includes a Japanese remix of “WA DA DA” and Japanese versions of “MVSK” and “We Fresh”, both from Kep1er’s third Japanese mini-album “TROUBLESHOOTER”.

Meanwhile, Kep1er will return with new music on April 10.

Stream Kep1er’s second Japanese album single Here!

Kep1er’s exceptional popularity after its debut

The fourth-generation international rookie group, set to embark on their first Japanese tour, have proven their popularity in Japan since their debut.

Kep1er debuted with their first mini-album “First Impact”, followed by their second mini-album “Doublast”, Japanese mini-album “Fly Up”, “Sugar Rush” and “Troubleshooter”.


Some of their achievements involved “WHO IT WAS“exceeding 100 million views on YouTube three months after its release.

Their debut album “First Impact” sold over 200,000 copies in the week after its release, which is considered a huge achievement for a budding group.

Moreover, the group won the “Top 3 New Artists – Asia Division” and “Streaming Song of the Year – Asia Division” at the “37. Japan Golden Disk Awards.

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Kep1er made her January 2022 debut on MNET’s reality show “Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga”. The program consisted of only 99 contestants, and only nine were selected to debut as a girl group.

The fourth generation team consists of international members: Yujin, Xiaoting, Mashiro, Chaehyun, Dayeon, Hikaru, Heuning Bahiyyih, Yeseo and Yongeun.

Kep1er Yongeun is on a break

On March 7, Kep1er Yongeun announced a hiatus after the group’s agency announced the death of her father.

Seo Youngeun

(Photo: Miss Nate)

The Wake One and Swing Entertainment stated that Yongeun’s family will only hold the funeral for close friends and immediate loved ones.

The agency stated:

“Please note that Youngeun will not be able to join Kep1er’s schedule as planned. Please consider and comfort Youngeun so that she can experience the grieving she needs.”

according to Wake One and Swing Entertainment.

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