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Kim Dong Wook joins Chun Woo Hee in talks about a new drama

Kim Dong Wook may reunite with director Lee Soo Hyun in a brand new drama!

On September 14, KeyEast Kim Dong Wook confirmed that the actor was talking about starring in the upcoming drama “Beneficial Fraud” (literal translation).

The agency stated: “[Kim Dong Wook] has been offered an audition for director Lee Soo Hyun’s new drama “A Favorable Fraud” and is currently considering the offer favorably.

“Beneficial Fraud” is a revenge drama about a lawyer devoid of empathy and overly empathetic by nature. To fight evil, these two poles join forces to form an unlikely alliance.

Kim Dong Wook was offered the role of Han Moo Young, a handsome lawyer who, due to his excessive empathy, needs psychiatric treatment, which may make it difficult for him to function in everyday life.

“Favorable Fraud” will be directed by director Lee Soo Hyun, who previously collaborated with Kim Dong Wook on his 2020 drama “Find Me In Your Memory,” and Chun Woo Hee is currently in talks about a role in the drama.

Are you excited to see Kim Dong Wook and Chun Woo Hee in this new drama?

Meanwhile, watch Kim Dong Wook in “Find Me In Your Memory” with the credits below!

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