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Kim Gun Woo’s ‘boyfriend style’ mirror selfie causes a stir among fans

Kim Gun Woo’s ‘boyfriend style’ mirror selfie causes a stir among fans

Kim Gun Woo, who starred in “The Glory”, recently shared an update with fans on his Instagram.

The actor posted several photos along with the caption “Hand Myung Ohin reference to his character in the Netflix original series The Glory.

The photos show Kim Gun Woo taking a selfie in what looks like a waiting room on the show’s set. She has a new hairstyle with longer curls, looks stylish and fashionable in a cute T-shirt with a rabbit graphic and trendy jeans.

Fans reacted quickly, commenting on how handsome he looked and even joking that he should be their boyfriend.

Interestingly, Kim Gun Woo’s everyday appearance is different from his character Myung Oh in “The Glory”. In the drama, Myung Oh is portrayed as a tough and nervous character with a piercing gaze and sharp demeanor.

Fans couldn’t help but wonder if this charming and likable man was really the same person who played such a menacing role on the screen.

Many fans were impressed by Kim Gun Woo’s acting skills in The Glory, and some even questioned how someone who seems so sweet and gentle could play such a demanding role.

In response to the wave of love and support from fans, Kim Gun Woo took to Instagram to express his gratitude, thanking viewers for their overwhelming support and praising them for their unwavering dedication.


The love and support I received from fans during Part 1 of The Glory was truly overwhelmingKim Gun Woo wrote.I feel like I’ve received more love than I ever could have imagined, and I’m truly grateful“.

As for the series itself, The Glory was a huge hit and part 2 was released on Netflix on March 10 and is already breaking records as the number one show in the category of TV shows worldwide.

The series follows the story of Moon Dong Eun, a woman whose soul was destroyed by childhood violence, and her meticulous and brutal plan for revenge. Kim Gun Woo plays a key role in history as one of the perpetrators of school violence.


In addition to his success in “The Glory”, Kim Gun Woo also starred in the musical “Bread & Bakery”, which is scheduled to premiere on May 13. Fans are excited to see him in another challenging role and eagerly await his next project.

source: daum.


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