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Kim Hee Chul, 40, was shocked by his “flower boy” beauty at the age of 23

Kim Hee Chul has been surprised by his appearance in the past.

KBS Joy’s November 25th “20th Century Hit Song” featured artists who showed off stunning visuals as they debuted as teenagers under the tagline “They were young and beautiful! Hits sung by teenage singers of the time.

kim heechul

Kim Min Ah said: “I searched Kim Hee Chul on Namuwiki and found this in his description. “With distinctive facial features and the image of a pretty boy, he was already famous at the time of his debut”, “A person who entered SM thanks to his outstanding face”, etc. Hearing Kim Min Ah’s introduction, Kim Hee Chul was embarrassed.

A video of Kim Hee Chul making his debut when he was 23 was shown on the broadcast and attracted attention.

kim heechul

Looking at his previous on-screen appearance, Kim Hee Chul covered his face and exclaimed: “Oh please.”

In particular, 23-year-old Kim Hee Chul in the film attracted the eyes of viewers, displaying a personal talent that no one could understand.

kim heechul

Kim Min Ah reacted, “It’s not funny at all, but I’m still smiling because he looked so handsome”. Then Kim Hee Chul said: “He’s gone. That person doesn’t exist anymore.”

source: daum


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