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Kim Hieora made eye contact with a real snake in ‘The Glory’

Kim Hieora made eye contact with a real snake in ‘The Glory’

On March 14, OSEN published the content of an interview with Kim Hieora, an actress who appeared in the Netflix series “The Glory”.

Kim Hieora played Lee Sa Ra, a drug addicted painter who is the daughter of a pastor at a large church.

She aroused admiration with the perfect digestion of the role of a drug addict, such as sunken eyes and chaotic way of speaking.

In particular, she was caught in the trap of Song Hye Kyo (as Moon Dong Eun) and honestly showed the appearance of taking drugs in front of church members.


In the process, Kim Hieora gained attention by making eye contact with a snake that sprang from the mural. However, she surprised everyone by revealing that it was a real snake and not CG.

Kim Hieora said:During the break, the director asked me if there were any awkward and difficult parts in the script and encouraged me to express my ideas.

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She reminded herself “I was very nervous at first, but as soon as shooting started, I was excited. My co-workers also encouraged me, so I really wanted to do well.

Kim Hieora shared the words with a smile:In fact, the scene was shot with a real snake, not computer graphics. I played with a snake who has been professionally trained and has already filmed many dramas. It was very interesting.

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