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Kim Jaejoong Gives Fans A Special Video From Comeback Song “Nobody Like You”

Kim Jaejoong is officially back! The solo singer released his comeback album “BORN GENE” and a music video yesterday, September 13, 6:00 PM KST.

Kim Jaejoong also posted a special clip on 1theK YouTube channel of his recurring song “Nobody Like You” being performed.

Kim Jaejoong presents a special video “Nobody Like You”

Special clip performance video on channel 1theK is Jaejoong on the roof of the building singing his song “Nobody Like You”.

“NOBODY LIKE YOU” is a lively mid-tempo song that makes fans and other listeners imagine a super happy summer with their loved ones.

Kim Jaejoong is wearing colorful long sleeves with a shirt underneath. He also has white pants that go well with the overall look.

What’s more shocking but very cute detail in the movie is that Kim Jaejoong is not wearing any shoes or any type of footwear as he enjoys the cold water that pours by his side.

The fan comments in the music video are full of praise for their idol as he sings his heart out in the music video.

“Even in the coldest winter, this song will sound like a happy, warm, colorful summer ~”

“Jaejoong sings in a beautiful background with a smile on his face and the very feeling of the song makes my day so much brighter and better. Oh yes, yes, there is no one like you. “

“The man who can bring back summer in the fall. Jaejoongie never ceases to amaze me. Stan the kinggg.”

Kim Jaejoong’s full album “BORN GENE” tops the charts

His third full album in 6 years and his first comeback in two years, Kim Jaejoong delighted fans with more songs and a variety of music with his third full album “BORN GENE”.

His album became number one on the US iTunes K-pop Chart and number one on the Malaysian iTunes chart for all genres.

Moreover, the solo singer also reached number one on Hong Kong’s iTunes chart in pop and k-pop. Other countries where his album went straight to number one include Japan, Ecuador and the UK

Meanwhile, it ranked 2nd on Apple Music as soon as it was released. This proves that even after almost 20 years of his career, Kim Jaejoong is still loved by his fans because, according to them, there is no one like him.

(Photo: Kim Jaejoong – Twitter)
Kim Jaejoong released the album “BORN GENE”

In turn, “BORN GENE” contains nine songs, including the title track “Nobody like you“.

It also includes two songs, “Locking Love” and “Broken Mirror”, in which he was involved in writing the lyrics.

Kim Jaejoong talks about the Asian tour

In an article written by SBS, he was asked how he feels he will meet his fans again after a long time. The idol actor replied that he was really looking forward to his concert.

“I hope this will be remembered as a performance that I have no regrets not only for me but also for the fans. I’m preparing really hard for it, so please wait for it.”

Kim Jaejoong returns

(Photo: Kim Jaejoong – YouTube)
Kim Jaejoong released his comeback music video “Nobody Like You”.

He added that he believes that nowadays singers are running and breathing with fans during concerts. He will only do this to please his fans and show his strengths on stage.

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