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Kim Jaejoong receives Twitter icon before “Born Gene” returns

Kim Jaejoong recently revealed that he has now tagged the emoji for his upcoming comeback. Simple emoji are just 2 words of his album name “Born Gene”.

(Photo: Kim Jaejoong – Twitter)
Kim Jaejoong on Twitter marked with the emoji hashtag on the occasion of the return of “Born Gene”.

Do you know how much they are worth? Read more to find out!

Kim Jaejoong Twitter Branded hashtag Emoji

Kim Jaejoong will release her third full album on all major Korean music sites today, September 13th. A few hours before the premiere, he posted on his official Twitter account that a special event would be held on the social network.

Kim Jaejoong receives a Twitter icon for the return of

(Photo: Kim Jaejoong – Twitter)
Kim Jaejoong Receives Twitter Logo Emoticons With “Born Gene” Return

He achieved the branded emoji for this full album which he released after 6 long years. According to Market Dive, Twitter’s branded emoticons can cost up to $ 1 million.

Since emojis are what separates one brand from another, they are likely to increase awareness of your product or event. In the case of Kim Jaejoong, his upcoming return.

A JYJ member is excited to share emoticons with his fans, so he expects them to use it. Of course, his fans did not disappoint, as the “BORN_GENE” hashtag with emoticons appeared on Twitter’s music page as soon as he wrote it on Twitter.

Kim Jaejoong’s “Born Gene” album a gift for fans

As it is his first full-length album after 6 years, according to his interview, Kim Jaejoong regrets his fan. Therefore, he wondered for a long time what kind of songs he would include in it.

“Born Gene” will feature songs that he loves and wants to show to his fans. It contains a total of 9 songs, including the title “NOBODY LIKE YOU”, a genre Jaejoong Kim tries for the first time.

Other songs include “Locking Love” and “Broken Mirror”, both written by Jaejoong Kim himself.

“To repay the love they sent, I have prepared an album that is like a gift for my fans. It was filled with more music because it had been in preparation for a long time. Hopefully the fans will receive a hard-won gift. “

To the delight of fans, the album includes not only rock songs. Kim Jaejoong listened to different musical genres during the preparation of the album, so it will include other sounds such as retro genres and dreamy music.

Meanwhile, Jaejoong said in the same interview that he and his company were checking fans’ comments and reactions to the teasers and photos they posted.

He thanked them for their enthusiastic response to every story and content published.

When asked what his favorite idea was, he replied that he liked the first one issued by his company because it was funny. This is the image I want to convey to the fans of this album.

    Kim Jaejoong receives a Twitter icon for the return of

(Photo: Kim Jaejoong – Twitter)
Kim Jaejoong Receives Twitter Logo Emoticons With “Born Gene” Return

Kim Jaejoong announces an Asian tour

After the release of the new album, Kim Jaejoong will organize Asian concerts in Thailand and Malaysia. He will play in Korea for the first time with “2022 KIM JAE JOONG Asia Tour Concert in Seoul” on the 17th and 18th of this month.

Are you excited about Jaejoong’s return?

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