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Kim Jong Kook, passionate lecture at the gym… “I’ve never seen a scene like this before”

Singer Kim Jong Kook’s Tweezer Lecture Unveiled.

On November 24, the film entitledK-balladers’ common physique… (feat. Yang Da Il, Jukjae)was uploaded to Kim Jong Kook’s YouTube channel “Kim Jong Kook GYM JONG KOOK”.

A video posted showed Kim Jong Kook teaching singer Yang Da Il, who boasts the same physical strength as him, how to exercise.

After Kim Jong Kook’s demonstration, Yang Da Il followed him. Heedless of the silence, both of them focused solely on their exercises.

Kim Jong Kook
Kim Jong Kook

Yang Da Il has proven that all exercises are real, “You have to watch his training in reality. It’s different from video“.

He added, “You have to experience it yourself. I don’t think many gym lovers know this taste“.

Kim Jong Kook said:I never do it just because I’m filming. I always do it this way. I have seen many effects. Muscles can change during exercise in this way. Athletes come once in a while because they miss this taste“.

Kim Jong Kook

Yang Da Il helped viewers realize that Kim Jong Kook’s exercise method is different, “When I do it myself, things that aren’t that heavy tend to become too heavy. So I thought the sinker here is different“.

Kim Jong Kook told Jukjae, who watched the video after the exercise,:You want to go home, yes?” Jukjae replied with a smile.No, I’ve never seen a scene like this before“.

Kim Jong Kook
Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook, who trained hard, said:You need to buy an elbow pad. You always use what the gym provides“.

Viewers could feel the intensity of the exercise with Yang Da Il’s words “I won’t gain weight even if I eat pizza today and then go to sleep“.

Kim Jong Kook

Yang Da Il revealed:I exercise 363 out of 365 days. The other 2 days are my mum’s birthday and mine“. Kim Jong Kook said firmly:Why? You can go (to the birthday party) after training“.

In the comment section below the video, Yang Da Il recalls that day: “As soon as filming for that day was over, I went home, ate pizza and tteokbokki, then went to sleep. The next day my upper body was broken so I took the day off from exercise“.

source: daum


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