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Kim Jung Hyun and Lim Soo Hyang’s “The Season of Kkok Du” premieres on January 27

The schedule for the drama “The Season of the Kkok Du” has been confirmed.

On November 23, MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “The Season of the Kkok Du” (written by Kang Yi Heon and Heo Jun Woo, directed by Baek Soo Chan and Kim Ji Hoon) announced the date of the first episode in January 2023.

“The Season of the Kkok Du” is a romantic fantasy drama where Kkok Du, a mysterious creature that comes down to earth every 99 years to punish people, meets the mysterious doctor Han Gye Jeol. Earlier news of the casting for solid actors Kim Jung Hyun (playing Kkok Du) and Lim Soo Hyang (playing Han Gye Jeol) has excited drama fans. Many look forward to the transcendent love story and chemistry between Kim Jung Hyun, who plays the god of death, and Lim Soo Hyang, who plays the role of Han Gye Jeol, a talented doctor who doesn’t follow signs.

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Not only the actors, the production team is also spectacular. Acclaimed writers of the drama “Less Than Evil” Kang Yi Heon and Heo Jun Woo will once again work together to create a different kind of romance. First of all, director Baek Soo Chan who directed various dramas such as “Alice”, “Beauty Gong Sim” and “The Girl Who Sees Smell”, and director Kim Ji Hoon who showed off his sensual directing in “Check Out the Event” join hands to announce the birth of a thrilling masterpiece.

The Kkok Du Season production team said: “With all the members in front of and behind the camera focused on filming with the same determination, viewers can expect fantastic synergy from our drama. Please be interested in our upcoming first episode.”

The Season of Kkok Du will premiere on Friday, January 27, 2023.

source: daum


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