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Kim Junsu mentioned his ex-girlfriend Hania: “There was a scandal, but it’s absolutely not Kei”

JYJ Kim Junsu has once again denied rumors of dating Lovelyz member Keie.

On September 14, on the Channel A show “Groom’s Class” (literal translation) JYJ Kim Junsu strongly denied rumors of dating around him and Kei, a member of Lovelyz.

Kim Junsu, in particular, met Park Hae Mi, an elderly music actress, that day. Right after she sat down, the actress mentioned the drama pair Mo Tae Beom and Im Sarang saying: – You looked so happy together.

As they discuss love, Kim Junsu revealed that he has become restless over the years. He also added, “In the past, I didn’t understand when people say love cells die, but now I think some of mine are indeed dead.”

“There are many things that I am careful about, so I shut myself up a lot. I used to have a carnivore mindset, but now I’m more of a herbivore. “ a male idol confessed.

groom's class

Park Hae Mi then arranged a natural gathering for Kim Junsu, and actress Hwak Seok Jeong excitedly sat down in front of the male idol. Park Hae Mi laughed saying: “I don’t know if it’s good to introduce you.”

The actress then added: “Junsu is my younger brother, my musical junior, he is a solid guy. There is also no scandal with women.

Then she caused a laugh saying: “It’s not there, is it?” to which Shin Bong Sun and Lee Seung Cheol stabbed Kim Junsu, saying: “We know a few.”

In response, Junsu blithely argued: “This is really a misunderstanding! Few!”

When Lee Seung Cheol made a confused face, Shin Bong Sun explained: “Junsu had a scandal with a younger friend. He became embroiled in a rumor about his romantic relationship with Kei from Lovelyz. However, he quickly denied it.

Then everyone laughed when Lee Seung Cheol said: “They’re more like family members.”

Finally, Kim Junsu, who recalled his relationship with EXID Hani in 2016, admitted to Park Hae Mi: “There was. There was one.”

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