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Kim Tae Ri is no longer the “killer actress” after the defeat of “Alienoid”?

Once considered an “all-embracing actress” just for winning projects, Kim Tae Ri may face the first setback of her career

The first half of 2022 is the perfect time for Kim Tae Ri, who delighted with the K drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One” and was honored with the title of Best Leading Actress at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards. Unfortunately, her career on the big screen may face the first hurdle as her latest film project has fallen below expectations.

Kim Tae Ri made her acting debut in the hit movie “Handmaid” directed by the legendary Park Chan Wook. With an intriguing script and outstanding actors, the film stole the hearts of audiences and critics alike, immediately introducing Kim Tae Ri to the “rookie monster”.

And with such a great start as the Handheld, Kim Tae Ri appears to be on a flowery road with an extremely smooth sailing career.

In particular, the actress continued her winning streak with the two films “1987: When the Day Comes” and “Little Forest”, which received a lot of critical acclaim and received a lot of attention.

Kim Tae Ri has also been nominated for all of Korea’s Big 3 film awards, including the Baeksang Arts Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards and Grand Bell Awards, and has managed to win the title of Best Actress at the Director’s Cut Awards.

With three successes on the big screen in a row, Kim Tae Ri has come to be called Korea’s “Everything Killed Actress”, meaning any work by Kim Tae Ri will be well received.

The actress then proves that this title is real with 2 hit K-dramas in a row, especially the 2018 series “Mr. Sunshine ”and the recent drama“ Twenty Five, Twenty One ”. Both recorded double-digit viewership rates and are very popular both inside and outside Korea.

If “Mr. Sunshine “earned Kim Tae Ri a nomination for Best Actress Baeksang, and her performance in” Twenty Five, Twenty One “secured her a total win and cemented Kim Tae Ri.overwhelming actress” title.

Unfortunately, the second half of 2022 did not fare so well for the actress that her latest project on the big screen cannot be considered a success.

Kim Tae Ri, in particular, returned with “Alienoid”, a fantasy / sci-fi film with an all-star cast and renowned production team. The film cost a staggering 33 billion won, yet it failed terribly, selling only 1.6 million tickets despite requiring at least 7.3 million tickets to break even.

To make matters worse, the film does not seem to impress audiences and critics alike, with various viewers derogatingly referring to it as “salad”. The “Alienoid” tries to deal with too many elements, but fails in all of them, people said, leading to a rather poor run. As a result, “Alienoid” also rocked Kim Tae Ri’s “all-kill” title.

Kim Tae Ri does not seem to fit into the sci-fi genre in general, as her previous project “Space Sweepers” didn’t fare well enough either. It did decently as a Netflix movie, but the timeliness was low and most people found the movie “memorable.”

Hopefully, thanks to her talents, Kim Tae Ri will be able to regain her title in a future project.


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