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Korean media expresses embarrassment over the controversy over the issue of BTS military service. “Is this a place you shouldn’t go to?”

Many argue that the discussion of whether or not the BTS idol group should be given preferential treatment in military service is an insult to Korean citizens.

It’s true that BTSThe achievements are outstanding, but why should the “reward” for these achievements be “exemption from military service” or “alternative military service “? In other words, some politicians now have the impression that it is “an advantage” for them not to send units to active service in the military. Isn’t it normal for a country to go into the army a source of pride and a “benefit” for individuals?

It should be a privilege for a Korean citizen to proudly join active service. If, by not sending preferential treatment to some people, have the soldiers who defend the country on the front lines enlisted because they were not entitled to such “benefits”?

Some have expressed concern that if BTS enlist, members will not be able to engage in music activities, which will be a hindrance not only to the interests of members but also to national interests. This is certainly due to the nature of military recruitment, in which, upon joining the army, you must immediately give up your career and take a longer break for a while. If so, shouldn’t the Ministry of National Defense first work on military policy to create an environment in which not only BTS but also young Koreans can continue their dreams even after joining the military?

Why are people still trying to keep BTS from joining and turning the military into a negative place where you would be in trouble if you stepped in?

Some have also compared the BTS case to previous cases in which people who won awards in leading competitions received military exemption. Thereafter, the priority is to reduce the number of people who can obtain preferential treatment.

It is such a disgrace to the nation that the public conducts a public opinion poll despite knowing that military service is a duty that Korean citizens must fulfill. Will there be more polls as other singers take first place on Billboard and top prizes at international awards ceremonies? If they do not take 1st place but take 2nd place, will there be a poll or not?

It is obvious that BTS is currently the most famous boy band in the world. BTS is definitely Korea’s great pride. It is difficult to estimate to what extent their very existence contributed to the national interest. If so, there are many ways to honor BTS’s accomplishments at government level. Why is it always an exemption from military service, which is the responsibility of everyone?

Authority people should think about improving the military environment so that BTS are ready to enlist before they think about not sending them there.

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