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Kwanghee “I thought I might get kicked out of ‘Infinite Challenge'”

Kwanghee “I thought I might get kicked out of ‘Infinite Challenge'”

On March 15, ZE:A Kwanghee made a guest appearance in the TVN program “You Quiz on the Block”.

Kwanghee made his debut as a member of ZE:A in 2010, and it’s been 14 years since his debut.

He made his debut after 5 years of life as an idol trainee, but also survived the humiliation of the “3 second part”. Kwanghee said:I’m telling you this for the first time. I was very nervous. When I was preparing to become an idol, I dreamed of putting on great shows. I can sing and dance better than you think. I worked hard but my part lasted about 3 seconds.

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Kwanghee then became a new member of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge”. However, at the beginning of his ascension, he was criticized.

Kwanghee confessed:It took me a long time to adapt and I got a lot of feedback. There were comments like “This is Kwanghee’s limit.” So much so that I thought I might be fired from the show.

source: Nate


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