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LA County Overseer Sheila Kuehl was raided her home by the Sheriff’s Department

According to reports, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department searched the home of Los Angeles County Overseer Sheila Kuehl as part of an extensive investigation of corruption.

Ms Kuehl, who is an outspoken critic of Sheriff Alex Villanueva and called for his resignation, was escorted from her home in Santa Monica when the raid took place Wednesday morning, reports Los Angeles Times.

The warrant stated that the search was linked to an investigation into Peace Over Violence, a non-profit organization run by Patti Giggans, which is a member of the Sheriff’s Civil Oversight Commission.

Mrs. Giggans is a friend of Mrs. Kuehl and has also called for the sheriff’s resignation, the newspaper said.

The Sheriff’s Department confirmed the searches but gave no further details, citing the ongoing investigation.

Ms Kuehl described the allegations against her as “completely false”, saying that she “knew nothing about the contract.”

Austin Dove, Mrs. Giggans’ lawyer, told the paper: “These are Third World tactics. Vladimir Putin would be impressed. “

Ms Kuel told Fox11 that the search warrant was “signed by a judge who is a friend of the sheriff’s.”

“There is no ongoing investigation that would support this warrant,” she said.

Sheriff Villanueva, who is running for re-election in November, has denied that he was targeting political enemies.

But it’s a claim that was made publicly by Los Angeles County Attorney George Gascon, who declined to invite LASD to cooperate in investigating public corruption.

“He only targets political enemies,” said Gascon LA Times.

“It was obvious this was not the type of job I wanted to get involved in, so we declined.”

After the comments, Sheriff Villanueva became a public supporter of the unsuccessful campaign to dismiss Mr. Gascon, the newspaper says.

Joshua Ritter, a former attorney at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, said: Independent that he was surprised by the morning raid that was carried out in front of the television crews.

“It all reeks of political retaliation. If you were going to execute a warrant against a sitting county overseer, especially someone who was very hostile to the elected sheriff, you would expect something very important to be there, or a lot of people would look very bad at the end, “said Ritter, who is now a defense attorney. in the city.

The Sheriff’s Department may investigate public corruption, and Sheriff Villanueva says he has pulled out himself, but that may not be optically enough. If something really good does not come out of this search, it will not justify the political opposition to which it invites. “


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