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Latest live news from Ukraine – latest: Putin warns of “serious” reaction to Kiev counteroffensive

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Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Friday that Ukraine was risking provoking Moscow’s “more serious” actions with its massive counter-offensive, saying that “so far we have responded with restraint.”

Putin promised to continue his “special military operation” in Ukraine in his speech to journalists following the meeting of Asian world leaders, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, in Uzbekistan.

He said that Russia’s main military goal was to “liberate” the entire eastern Donbass of Ukraine and had no intention of giving up the fight.

This happened when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi publicly reprimanded Putin for the first time, and the Russian leader admitted that there were also concerns about the situation in Beijing.

“We are in no rush,” Putin said as some pro-Kremlin politicians and military bloggers urged Moscow to order a broad mobilization to strengthen the ranks while lamenting Russia’s lack of manpower.

He accused Ukraine of attacking civilian infrastructure in Russia and said it attacked “in the vicinity of our nuclear facilities, nuclear power plants”.

“If the situation unfolds like this, our reaction will be more serious,” Putin said.


Putin warns against the escalation of Ukraine due to the deepening diplomatic isolation

Vladimir Putin warned of “more serious” actions against Ukraine in the face of escalating questions at home and increasing isolation on the world stage.

“Our offensive operation in Donbas continues. They are moving forward – not very quickly – but are gradually taking more and more territory, ”he said after the summit of authoritarian leaders in Uzbekistan.

The Russian army was forced last week to withdraw its forces from large areas of Northeast Ukraine following a swift Ukrainian counteroffensive.

At the time of Moscow’s greatest military failure since it was pushed out of the Kiev capital at the start of the invasion, Ukraine moved to regain control of several Russian-occupied cities and villages.

“Let’s see how it develops and how it ends,” he said, referring to the Ukrainian counteroffensive. He said Ukraine also attacked Russia’s civilian infrastructure and “we have responded restrainedly so far, but still”.

“If the situation unfolds like this, our reaction will be more serious,” Putin said.

“Recently, the Russian armed forces have performed several striking blows,” he said in clear reference to the Russian attacks earlier this week on power plants in northern Ukraine and a dam in the south.

“Consider them warning strikes.”


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