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Latest Trump News: Mike Lindell Says FBI Hijacked His Phone As Trump Shares Quirky Image Of QAnon

Liz Cheney says new revelations reveal Trump’s true “danger”

Mike Lindell, a supporter of Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories and CEO of My Pillow, said Tuesday the FBI had seized his cell phone in a Minnesota fast food restaurant.

The chairman of the powerful House Oversight Commission asked the National Archives and Records Administration (Nara) to determine if any other files that needed to be submitted to the archives at the end of Mr. Trump’s tenure were still missing.

In a letter to acting US archivist Debra Wall, representative Carolyn Maloney pointed out that Mr. Trump still holds stolen government files on real estate other than a Florida beach club where he has his private residence.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department summoned dozens of current and former Trump advisers as part of an investigation into the storming of the Capitol, and some even confiscated their phones.

The department also said it was willing to accept one Trump team candidate as a “special master” who would review files seized by the FBI in Mar-a-Lago.


ICYMI: DoJ accepts Trump’s candidate for “special master” in top-secret newspaper research

The Justice Department said it was prepared to accept a candidate put forward by Donald Trump’s team of lawyers as a “special master” to review top-secret documents retrieved during the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Federal prosecutors stated in a filing late Monday that senior judge Raymond Dearie was acceptable, along with two of his own appointments, retired federal judges Barbara Jones and Thomas Griffith.

“Each of them has substantial judicial experience in which he has presided over federal criminal and civil cases, including federal national security and privilege issues,” wrote Justice Department prosecutors.


Cheney says new revelations reveal the true “danger” of Donald Trump

Congresswoman Liz Cheney said Donald Trump’s reluctance to leave the White House after losing the 2020 presidential election “confirms the real danger” of his efforts to overturn the election.

Mrs. Cheney made comments in response to the revelations contained in the new book of authorship New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who claimed the former president had told his advisers he would remain in the White House even after Joe Biden was inaugurated.

Reports by Alish Rahaman Sarkar.


Mike Lindell calls FBI seizure of his phone “gross”

“They told me not to tell anyone,” said Mr. Lindell, waving a piece of paper in front of the camera and explaining that his phone had been picked up at Hardee’s fast food restaurant.

“Okay, I won’t. Well, I am, so please.


Mike Lindell says the FBI detained him at Hardee’s, Minnesota

MyPillow’s CEO discussed receiving the warrant on his phone during his speech on his Lindell TV streaming network.


According to reports, the phone of pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell was confiscated during an FBI raid

According to reports, the phone of pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell was confiscated during an FBI raid.


Biden travels to Delaware to vote in the primaries

President Biden made a surprise visit to his home state on Tuesday to vote in the Delaware primary, which is part of the final round of competitions ahead of the November elections.


Opponent of the Clinton prosecution, Ken Starr, has died

Kenneth Starr, the former American appellate judge who led then-President Bill Clinton to prosecute in the late 1990s but defended Donald Trump against allegations that he started an uprising in a second impeachment trial, died at the age of 76.

According to Waco, the Texas-based television station KWTX, Mr. Starr died on Tuesday after “long illness”.

Andrew Feinberg reports from Washington.


Lindsey Graham gifted the Democrats with an anti-abortion bogeyman as semesters draw to a close

If the Democrats stay in the Senate this year, they will have an unlikely ally to thank: Lindsey Graham.

South Carolina’s Republican and Donald Trump’s loyalist, who continued to be friends with the ex-president, even as he faced criminal investigations, Mr. Graham is not the person who would be expected to present the Senate Democrats with a gift roughly a month and a half earlier Senate control is resolved for the next two years.

But that is exactly what happened on Tuesday when Mr. Graham, surrounded by anti-abortion activists from Susan B Anthony Pro-Life America and other opponents of the practice, celebrated the end of the Roe vs. Wade and swore to forbid abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy if his party regained the Senate.


In the madness of social truth, Trump covers QAnon’s meme “Storm is coming”

Donald Trump adopted QAnon’s “Storm Comes” meme as he went into a “reclaim the truth” frenzy on his Truth Social social site.

The president of one term has re-published the photo he himself wears a Q badge on his jacket above the word “storm” and “WWG1WGA”.

Trump has promoted QAnon accounts in the past, although the recent wave of posts has been Trump’s strongest support for a right-wing conspiracy theorist movement to date.


McConnell shoots down Lindsey Graham’s abortion ban

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell rejected a bill by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham that banned abortion after 15 weeks, saying he would prefer the matter to be left to the states.

The leader of the Senate minority was asked about the ban Mr. Graham proposed on Tuesday during the weekly press conference of Senate Republicans after their political lunch.

Eric Garcia reporting from the Capitol.


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