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LE SSERAFIM did everything to make their abdominal muscles pop out in front of the camera … Then there was Kazuha

Even Sakura couldn’t believe it!

One look is enough SSERAPHIM members and it’s easy to see that they all have an amazing physique! This was particularly evident in one of the scenes in their latest documentary, “The World Is My Oyster,” where they posed for the camera.

After the photo session Sakura, Chaewonand Yunjin gathered and started talking about their poses. Sakura jokingly shared that she did her best to move her body in such a way that her abdominal muscles were visible, causing her members to laugh loudly.

  • Chaewon: But I was able to see your abs before.
  • Sakura: I was still doing …
  • Yunjin: You’re trying too hard. (laughter)
  • Chaewon: We are the abs group.

Then the Japanese singer came over to Kazuha who was resting on the chair. Sakura watched her photoshoot and noticed with admiration that her belly is very present! She asked Kazuha if he was flexing his stomach to show it, and Kazuha laughed, admitting that he wasn’t doing anything special.

  • Sakura: Were you tense?
  • Kazuha: Not. (laughter)

In disbelief, she asked if “they are always there”And Kazuha nodded shyly.

Sakura pointed to her belly and jokingly said: “Get up, abs. Get up. Get up“.

As a former professional ballerina who has trained extensively for many years, it is no surprise that Kazuha defined the abdominal muscles! He exercises regularly and follows a balanced diet.

Due to how hard she works, the results on her body are bright as day. Just get up and you can see her belly!

In a previous vlog, she even showed and described the tools she uses to help her massage her body and exercise on the go. Check them out here:

Kazuha from LE SSERAFIM lists the tools you need to get toned abdominal muscles and a great posture like her


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