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LE SSERAFIM Sakura confesses that she had “star disease” – that’s what changed her

LE SSERAFIM Sakura confesses that she had “star disease” – that’s what changed her

In an interview with Weverse, Sakura reveals that she has also experienced “celebrity sickness”.

Read on to find out how she has changed.

LE SSERAFIM Sakura honestly talks about the “disease of the stars” in the first days of the debut

Recently, on October 24, Weverse Magazine shared an interview they did with LE SSERAFIM member Sakura. Here the Japanese K-pop idol sat down to talk about many things, such as her colleagues from LE SSERAFIM, their documentary, the kind of idol she wants to be and more,

A particularly interesting part of her interview is that she spoke frankly about the perks of being a celebrity, which can sometimes lead to “celebrity sickness.”

“Celebrity Disease” occurs when a celebrity becomes haughty due to its elevated status, and it is quite common. Some idols who have admitted it include Jeon Somi and Stray Kids Han.

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(Photo: Weverse: LE SSERAFIM)

The topic came up when it turned out that Sakura usually can’t go for amusement park rides because she hates terrible things. However, she is able to face as if she were “fearless” when working with LE SSERAFIM.

To this end, Sakura expresses her wishes so that her fears do not become a constraint, especially since she does not want her fears to become a “burden” on others.

“I hate being the kind of person whose problems lead to a fall when there’s something we have to do, so if it’s something I can do, if I just have a little courage, I’ll do it,” Sakura said.


(Photo: Weverse: LE SSERAFIM)

Weverse then pointed out that due to Sakura’s idol status, she might ask for some things to be changed if she finds a problem on the set.

Additionally, Sakura confessed that there was a time when she felt empowered when she was younger. However, she also shared how she grew up and learned to treat others.

“I think I was immature, self-centered and only thought about myself when I first debuted,” she said.

Sakura shares her knowledge as an idol

Sakura continued, “But I’ve learned that there are certain things you should say and do to be mindful of others and build good relationships the longer I’m an idol.”


(Photo: Weverse: LE SSERAFIM)

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The great lesson she learned from working as an idol is that celebrity skills and talents are important, and more importantly what kind of person they are.

She then mentions what type of celebrity she wants to be, saying, “If you’re going to work together for a long time and make it enjoyable, the people you work with must also want to work with you. the person I want to be and this is the group I want LE SSERAFIM to be as well ”.

What do you think of Sakura’s answer?

Read her full interview on Weverse Magazine here.

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