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LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Had An Unusual Request For Her First Solo Variety Show And Completely Failed

She started calling her mother.

SSERAFIM‘s Sakura she was nervous and excited to appear on her first solo variety show.

Sakura LE SSERAFIM | Don’t Be Afraid/YouTube

She first met with the production team to discuss what activities she was interested in. They listed everything from resin art to reading comics and playing video games.

Sakura’s following request surprised the staff. She said she wanted to prank herself! The naughty creators of the show decided to take her request to the next level and lie to her about the premise of the show.

Instead Sakura’s Happy Timefor a relaxing series prepared, among others, Fearless level-up project where Sakura will have to work harder than ever!

Plus, instead of having your favorite actor Kim Soo Hyun be a guest on her show, they had another star Kangnamdress up for him! What’s funnier is that Sakura didn’t recognize him even though they worked together before.

Her wish completely failed! Despite this, Sakura did her best to entertain her fans, nicknamed FEARNOT. In the following episodes, she will be working with her guests Kangnam i Ha Kung Sook try to make 100kg kimchi before the end of the day!

Watch new episodes of Sakura’s first solo variety show on her YouTube channel don’t be afraid. Watch the entire first episode below. He talks about wanting to prank himself at 0:33.


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