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Lee Do Hyun’s “Cute But Crazy Guy” Famous Lines in “The Glory” Captivate Viewers

Lee Do Hyun’s “Cute But Crazy Guy” Famous Lines in “The Glory” Captivate Viewers

Actor Lee Do Hyun is enjoying huge acclaim from drama fans around the world for his appearance in the Netflix original series “The Glory”, part 2 of which was released on March 10. He played Joo Yeo Jeong, a plastic surgeon who helps Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) get revenge.

In particular, Lee Do Hyun impressed viewers with his portrayal of Joo Yeo Jeong’s “sweet but crazy guy”, who causes laughs with his sweet and tender side, but also meticulously plots his revenge and becomes Moon Dong Eun’s enforcer.

▲ “The executioner never asks about the reason for the order received”

This is how Joo Yeo Jeong explains why he always supports Moon Dong Eun without hesitation. Dong Eun’s request is like an order for Yeo Jeong. Yeo Jeong volunteers to be his closest assistant and helps Dong Eun complete a plan of revenge that she has carefully prepared all her life. Using his experience, he directly approaches Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) as well as other perpetrators and empowers Dong Eun’s revenge.

▲ “Only look at pretty things. This one is not pretty”

Yeo Jeong promised to stay with his savior Dong Eun until the end, speaking “I will live like a madman.” While doing his job as Dong Eun’s executioner, Yeo Jeong says to Dong Eun who is looking at the dead body: “Only look at pretty things. This one is not pretty”, fluttering the hearts of female fans with her caring side. Contrary to his sweet words, Yeo Jeong takes out a scalpel and cuts off a piece of dead body skin with a calm expression, giving a scary vibe.

glory lee to hyun
▲ “I’ll Show You Hell”

In Part 2, Yeo Jeong begins to avenge his father’s death. Finally facing the assassin Kang Young Cheon (Lee Moo Saeng), he firmly says: “Next time I’ll show you the hell I live in. Next time I’ll show you the hell you’ll live in. Please be well until then.” In this line, Yeo Jeong announces the beginning of his revenge against Kang Young Cheon, who pushed him to hell. His scary face in this scene perfectly expresses the unexpected side of “crazy guy” Yeo Jeong.

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