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Lee Ha Na, Im Joo Hwan, Kim So Eun, Lee Tae Sung and others talk about shooting the new drama “Three Bold Siblings”

The stars of KBS 2TV’s “Three Bold Siblings” shared their experiences shooting the upcoming drama!

“Three Bold Siblings” is a new romance drama starring Im Joo Hwan as Lee Sang Joon, a top actor who is the eldest son of his family. When she has an unexpected accident during filming, she meets Kim Tae Joo (Lee Ha Na), her first primary school love who is also the eldest of her siblings and has grown up sacrificing everything for her family. Kim So Eun will also star in the drama as Kim So Rim, the middle child of the Kim family and the younger sister of Kim Tae Joo, and Lee Yoo Jin will play their younger brother Kim Geon Woo.

When asked to name a particularly memorable moment from filming, Lee Ha Na chose his first film for the drama.

“Filming was over a long time so everyone was physically exhausted, but we shot the day and we all laughed while shooting a funny scene,” recalls the actress. “Even when we said goodbye after shooting, it was very emotional, as if it were the last session of our whole drama. To [shoot] stuck in my memory the most. “

Meanwhile, Im Joo Hwan talked about his biggest fight with the role, noting: “In the drama, I play the lead star Lee Sang Joona. But since I’ve never experienced the life of a top star, I find it a little awkward at times. “

However, he added, “Whenever it happened, I was able to [overcome that feeling] and act naturally because everyone around me has been very supportive and encouraging ”.

Kim Seung Soo, who will portray Shin Moo Young’s CEO, likewise shared the concerns he developed while making the film.

“Shin Moo Young has a tsundere personality that makes it difficult for him to praise and encourage others,” explained the actor. “There were times when I was concerned that I might start to look like Moo Young because of being too immersed in this character.”

Lee Tae Sung, who will play independent documentary director Cha Yoon Ho, spoke proudly of teamwork and the camaraderie between the cast and the crew.

“There were many unexpected weather variables, such as heat and rain,” said Lee Tae Sung. “It was not an easy situation for all cast and crew members, but we all came together to achieve the common goal of our release and worked hard during the filming.”

Finally, both Kim So Eun and Lee Yoo Jin have expressed confidence in their chemistry with their on-screen siblings. Kim So Eun remarked, “Although it was our first job together, the actors who played the three siblings got on very well and we had a great time making the film.”

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo Jin recalls: “I was very nervous before our first shoot, but contrary to what I expected, I was able to finish the filming in a warm and friendly atmosphere which was great. With the rest of the cast and crew leading the fun on set, I felt confident that I would be able to do a good job and achieve it.

Three Bold Siblings premieres on September 24 at 20:00 KST. Check out the drama trailer here!

Meanwhile, watch Lee Ha Na in “Voice 4” with the credits below:

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