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Lee Ji Hye’s husband says he would have chosen Han So Hee over his wife had they not been married

Moon Jae Wan and Kang Jae Joon expressed their love for actress Han So Hee.

On December 12, in the SBS program “Same Bed, Dream Season 2”, the married couple Lee Ji Hye and Moon Jae Wan, Lee Eun Hyung and Kang Jae Joon, Shim Jin Hwa and Kim Won Hyo, Giant Pink and Han Dong Hoon appeared in the Chuseok program ate together and organized a game show.

Kang Jae Joon and Han Dong Hoon, who contributed most to the preparation of the meals, Lee Ji Hye said: “The husbands have worked hard. Do you usually cook a lot at home? Kang Jae Joon replied: “I don’t do much” and Lee Eun Hyung said: “He doesn’t do that at all, never. He doesn’t want to go home to do what he has already done at work. ” Shim Jin Hwa asked: “Isn’t that an excuse?” and Kang Jae Joon defended himself by saying, “I’m the type that cooks if there is a deposit.”

Then when Lee Eun Hyung asked: – What about husband of Giant Pink?Giant Pink replied, “Honestly, he doesn’t cook either.” In response, Kim Won Hyo appeared to be defending her husband by saying: “Don’t those who have time do it?”

Same bed, dream season 2

As the couples continued their conversation, they began a game of balance by talking about actors Son Seok Ku and Han So Hee. When Giant Pink asked her husband Han Dong Hoon if he would choose between Han So Hee and her, Han Dong Hoon said: “Of course it’s Yoon Ha (real name Giant Pink).”

Lee Ji Hye asked Moon Jae Wan: “Who would you choose between Han So Hee, who gets angry easily, and Ji Hye, who doesn’t torment?Moon Jae Wan said: “Before marriage, I would have chosen the bad Han So Hee, but now it’s more important to be with someone who isn’t bad.” Lee Ji Hye asked: “Do you love me now?” and Moon Jae Wan said: “I love you,” without hesitating for a second, causing a laugh.

Kang Jae Hoon said: “I don’t mind Han So Hee with anger management issues. I want to see her.”

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