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Lee Jin Ri Reveals Her Thoughts on Acting with Park Yoo Chun in Her Return to Work ‘On The Edge’

Actress Lee Jin Ri, 33, has expressed her feelings about appearing in Park Yoo Chun’s comeback film “On The Edge.”

MyDaily interviewed Lee Jin Ri at a coffee shop in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of November 22. In the new film “On The Edge”, he plays Park Yoo Chun’s partner Hong Dan.

“On The Edge” is a tough movie that tells the story of Tae Hong (Park Yoo Chun), a man who lost everything in an instant, and Hong Dan (Lee Jin Ri), a woman who has nothing to lose from the start. facing his life at the end of the abyss. The drama gained attention even before the production stage as the return to work of Park Yoo Chun, who was embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. Due to the controversy surrounding Park Yoo Chun’s private life, the film was unable to be released in theaters and went straight to IPTV.

On the edge

Lee Jin Ri made her musical debut in 2014 and later made herself known to the public by appearing in various films and dramas.

Regarding her casting, Lee Jin Ri said: On The Edge was filmed in January 2020. After seeing my acting film, the director became interested in me, so I auditioned. When he asked me what role I wanted to play, I chose Hong Dan.”

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When asked if she felt pressured by the public’s interest in the film as “Park Yoo Chun’s return”, Lee Jin Ri calmly said: “I didn’t feel burdened at all. While the reactions may not be positive, attention could be a good opportunity for “On The Edge,” which is a small, independent film. Most of all, I wanted to do well as Hong Dan. I was actually worried that my acting would be a pain because I’m still a rookie. I hope everyone enjoys it with an open mind.”

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she continued “I met Park Yoo Chun without prejudice. All I have left are memories of feeling grateful and happy, just like when I worked with other seniors. There have been some nasty things going on with him, but he is still a seasoned star class senior who has starred in a number of dramas. Rather, I was grateful to him that he wasn’t uncomfortable with a rookie like me. He helped me a lot. I learned a lot watching him in action and respected him as a senior.

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Lee Jin Ri also showed her extraordinary passion for acting. The actress said “I dreamed of becoming an actor since middle school. My father actually opposed my decision to enter the musical department, so I dropped out and studied computer science as my parents wanted. Still, I really wanted to act, so I eventually transferred to Gachon University and studied acting. After seeing my performance, my father decided to support my dream.”

lee jin ri

Lee Jin Ri then spoke about her special relationship with “national actor” Lee Soon Jae, who was a professor at Gachon University.

Finally, the actress proudly said: “I’m still trying new things and I won’t stop taking challenges.”

source: daum


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