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Lee Jun Young Joins IU And Park Bo Gum In “You Have Done Well”

Lee Jun Young Joins IU And Park Bo Gum In “You Have Done Well”

On March 14, a representative for the drama said:Lee Jun Young participated in the script reading for “You Have Done Well”.

You Have Done Well is a drama that follows the adventurous life of Ae Soon (IU), a “rebellious” character born in Jeju in the 1950s who lacks knowledge when it comes to romance.

“You did well” gained attention from the very beginning thanks to the meeting between IU, who proved her acting skills with a Best Actress nomination at the Cannes International Film Festival for “Broker”, and Park Bo Gum, who returned after being fired from army.


The very meeting of these two popular actors is called a highly anticipated work in 2023. It is said that everything from the casting stage to the delivery of the script is done in the strictest confidence.

Lee Jun Young’s character in the drama has not been revealed. However, it can be noted that his appearance was practically confirmed as he appeared at a script reading that only the main cast attended.

Lee Jun Young has established himself as a trustworthy actor through the dramas “Avengers Social Club”, “Let Me Be Your Knight”, “May I Help You?” and “DP”, Netflix’s “Love and Leashes”.

Expectations were also aroused by the meeting of the outstanding writer with the police star. Writer Im Sang Choon, who is behind the success of various hit projects such as “Becky’s Back”, “Fight For My Way” and “When the Camellia Blooms”, and PD Kim Won Seok who worked on “Misaeng”, “Signal” and “My Lord,” they held hands.

Meanwhile, Lee Jun Young has also been cast in the drama “Royal Loader”, which is set to be filmed in 2023.

source: Nate


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