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Lee Sang Bo: “After my parents and sister died, I began to receive counseling and medication. I was devastated by false drug rumors.”

Actor Lee Sang Bo has revealed the sad story of his family.

Lee Sang Bo appeared as a guest on Channel S’s “Attack on Sisters”, the first episode of which aired on November 22.

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Lee Sang Bo, who had a hard time after being falsely accused of taking drugs in October, admitted: “During Chuseok, I left the house after taking a sedative. However, someone came forward and I was arrested. I thought I could go home after getting a ‘negative’ but they took me into custody and kept me there for over 48 hours, regardless of the test results.”

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Regarding the fact that the articles contained messages with the keyword “actor in his 40s taking drugs”, Lee Sang Bo said: “I was devastated. I even thought I couldn’t live in this country anymore.”

Revealing that he paid for the drug test himself, the actor said: “I was handcuffed not only during the examination, but also after receiving the result. When the detectives asked each other about the price of the test, I wondered if it was a joke. I finally had to write a credit note”explaining the current situation.

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Lee Sang Bo also spoke about his painful family history. the actor said “My house collapsed right away during the IMF, and my sister, who had a semester break, died in a traffic accident on a frozen road. I was very close to my sister so it took me a long time to bury this pain in my heart.” addition “My father passed away in 2010. Since then, I have been using advice and medicines at the instigation of my friends“. In fact, Lee Sang Bo’s mother also died in 2018 due to lung cancer.

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Lee Sang Bo confessed, “I held back tears when my mom said she didn’t want me to be too sad. I only shed tears when no one was around”causing deep regret.

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With Lee Sang Bo cleared of drug charges, he’s preparing to take his next step forward as an actor. On Lee Sang Bo’s broadcast, he said: “In the new work, I will play a bright and cheerful character. But I was wondering if the audience would accept me.”expressing your concern.

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In response, Kim Ho Young said: “I hope you can become a great person who can overcome these things”. Also shared by Jang Young Ran, “You look very handsome today. You are the style that women like the most. Lee Sang Bo doesn’t do anything wrong”giving Lee Sang Bo words of support.

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