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Lee Se Young is So Shocked He Spits Orange Juice In ‘The Law Cafe’

Tenants of Lee Seung Gi building are in for a surprise in the next episode of “The Law Cafe”!

Based on the popular internet novel of the same name, “The Law Cafe” is a new KBS drama starring Lee Seung Gi as Kim Jung Ho, a brilliant ex-prosecutor turned libertine, and Lee Se Young as Kim Yu Ri, an eccentric lawyer. who becomes his new tenant when he opens a “law cafe” in his building.


In the second episode of the drama, Kim Yu Ri hired her first client, Law Cafe, and soon discovered that the culprit of the excessive noise in his apartment building was none other than Dohan Construction – the same company that framed her late father. for his and his associates’ work-related deaths.

It also emerged that Kim Jung Ho was secretly plotting to expose corruption at Dohan Construction – and that the reason Kim Yu Ri was avoided for so long was because the company was involved in her father’s death. As Kim Yu Ri prepares to sue her after Dohan’s construction, it remains to be seen whether or not Kim Jung Ho will join her in her legal battle.

In newly released stills from the upcoming third episode of the drama, Kim Yu Ri makes a hilarious parody of the famous makjang drama scene when he meets an unexpected surprise on his way to work. Whatever she sees stops her, and the orange juice she was drinking spills out of her mouth.

Law Cafe’s new employee at Kim Yu Ri, Bae Joon (played by Kim Do Hoon) likewise lets his noodles fall out of his mouth while staring over his shoulder with wide-eyed eyes – as well as tenant Kim Chun Daek (Jang Hye Jin) and Mrs. Choi (Baek Hyun Joo) looks equally shocked.

“The Law Cafe will continue to show viewers the definition of” truly fun drama, “said the show’s production team. “We hope you can take the stress out of Chuseok by watching Episode 3, which airs on September 12th.”

For what shocked everyone else, check out the third episode of The Law Cafe on September 12 at 9:50 PM KST!

Meanwhile, catch up with the first two episodes of the drama with the credits below:

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