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Lee Seung Gi Fan Association Demands Apology From Hook “Please Stop Threatening And Slandering”

Singer-actor Lee Seung Gi is in conflict with his agency Hook Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Hook), and his fans have come forward directly.

On November 24, Lee Seung Gi’s fan association Airen issued a statement regarding the settlement of Lee Seung Gi’s music revenue.

They said, “Regarding the content of the article “Lee Seung Gi Music Revenue Account 0 Won” reported on November 21, 2022, Lee Seung Gi’s fan association Airen condemns Hook Entertainment and CEO Kwon Jin Young and actively supports Lee Seung Gi“.

They continued: “Despite Lee Seung Gi’s successful singing career, it’s very unfair that his music income remained at 0 won, and Lee Seung Gi’s request to check the details of his music income statement a year ago was ignored“.

They assessed “In particular, Airen is very angry that Hook instilled a sense of shame and remorse through psychological dominance and oppressive behavior over the past 20 years in Lee Seung Gi, a celebrity who is loved and recognized by the public.

They also asked CEO Kwon Jin Young to apologize to Lee Seung Gi, to complete the music income settlement for his singing activities, to terminate Lee Seung Gi’s exclusivity contract due to breach of duty, to respect corporate ethics as an entertainment management company, and to stop threatening and slander Lee Seung Gi.

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi has released a total of 137 songs in the 18 years since his debut in 2004, but it was revealed that he had sent Hook a certificate of content after learning that he had not received a dime from Hook to settle his music income. In addition, there is a controversial report that Hook CEO Kwon Jin Young set fire to Lee Seung Gi and the people around him.

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