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Lee Youngji finally meets THIS NCT member after confessing to the crush

Lee Youngji finally meets THIS NCT member after confessing to the crush

Lee Youngji was the last guest host of KBS “Music Bank”. In yesterday’s episode, as an MC, she had to interview groups that are nominated for first place, and NCT 127 was one of them.

The rapper recently admitted on her YouTube show “My Alcohol Diary” that she subscribed to a paid messaging app for an NCT member.

Did you watch the Music Bank yesterday? Scroll down to see Youngji suppress his fan page!

Lee Youngji An evident happy face grabs the attention of NCTzens

Many NCTzens were aware of Lee Youngji’s confession to join THIS NCT member’s bubble and were so happy that she was finally able to meet and interact with him.

The NCT member is none other than NCT rapper Mark. NCTzens celebrated the interaction as they were happy to see the rapper meet her crush again.

(Photo: Instagram: @onyourm__ark)
NCT mark

NCT Mark and Lee Youngji were even captured by a cameraman and briefly focused on how NCT 127 gave an interview about being nominated for first place.

Many NCTzens say that the operator of “Music Bank” must have known about Lee Youngji’s falling in love with a member of NCT 127 because he was focused on the two. The placement of members was also likely on purpose, as Mark was next to Youngji herself.

When Mark of NCT 127 was questioned, Youngji watched him closely. After he spoke, she couldn’t help but smile, she looked so dizzy as many NCT ​​fans noted.

They posted an excerpt from a video interview on Twitter, and one tweet received nearly 40,000 likes, 13,000 retweets and 202 replies.

Lee Youngji is known for her high-profile personality, which was revealed during the interview as she did not hesitate to stare at Mark as he answered her questions.

NCTzens are happy but jealous of the young rapper who has achieved what every NCT ​​Mark fan dreams of, taking a picture with him.

Youngji’s “2 Baddies” TikTok Challenge with NCT Mark and Jaehyun

Not only was Youngji able to meet and interact with Mark NCT 127 and Jaehyun as MC on “Music Bank”, but she was also able to complete the TikTok “2 Baddies” challenge with them.

Youngji is a talented artist who can sing, rap and dance, so learning the choreography of “2 Baddies” was easy for her, and dancing alongside two NCT members she has a crush on is another story.

Promotions NCT 127

(Photo: NCT 127 – Twitter)
Lee Youngji finally meets THIS NCT member after confessing to the crush

As expected, she was doing well, but the ending was kind of fun as she suddenly left the sight after dancing with the two.

Many NCTzens say she has definitely made fangirl’s dream come true. Even though she is a celebrity herself, seeing how shy she is, NCTzens find the rapper really cute.

Now, many NCT ​​127 fans want Mark and Jaehyun to be Lee Youngji’s guests on her YouTube show. NCTzens think it would be fun to have a fan over Mark and Jaehyun while the three of them drink.

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