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Lewis Capaldi remembers a painful moment with his dad prior to Tourette’s diagnosis

Lewis Capaldi described the emotional moment where his undiagnosed Tourette left his dad in tears.

Earlier this month, singer “Someone You Loved” told fans that he had Tourette’s syndrome, a condition that causes a person to make involuntary sounds and movements known as tics.

Capaldi explained that he chose to tell about his diagnosis because he didn’t want people to misinterpret his seizures as a sign that he had used cocaine.

It appears on CEO’s journal podcast on Thursday (Sept. 15), Capaldi told host Steven Bartlett that his mental health was poor before he was diagnosed with him, and his family even suggested he quit music.

“My mom and dad picked it up for me, all my family and friends said,” If it makes you feel so bad, “explained Capaldi. “Especially when my Tourette’s case was really bad and we never knew what it was.”

Recalling the incident that took place before his diagnosis, he continued: “My dad gave me a lift home from the airport one night after I had been in London for a week and I was shivering like hell to the point that he started crying in the car.

“Again, we never knew it was a Tourette, he thought I was having a seizure and stayed in the car with me the rest of the day, it was crazy.”

Capaldi at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where he felt confident on the stage for the first time

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After therapy, Capaldi began to learn to deal with his condition as well as anxiety and panic attacks.

He described his performance at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in December 2021, during which he had no “jitter” problems for the first time.

“I went out and was in the toilet and I could fucking burst into tears,” said Capaldi. “How, oh, thanks fucking, I can still do this and not shrink, not be scared and all that. So it was a great thing.


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