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Lia Kim confessed to having autism spectrum “Can I get married”

The interview about Lia Kim’s disease took place at the “Oh Eun-young Gold Clinic”.

IN “Oh Eun-young Gold Clinic“Dancer Lia Kim has joined in to diagnose if she has an autism spectrum disorder.

The trailer for the next episode at the end of Channel A’s entertainment program, “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Clinic,” which aired on September 16, showed dancer Lia Kim.

Lia Kim said: “I think I have a mild autism spectrum. Since then, I have been undergoing treatment. Why am I different from others? I have a vague feeling that I am sharing what I did not share. “

She also mentioned the realistic problem of marriage “The inconvenience of having to carry it with you during the wedding. Can I tell us to get married?. In response, Oh Eun-young got into a dilemma saying, “We need to look carefully to see if this is Asperger’s Syndrome (a disease where there is a problem in relationships, socially exchanged). “

Lia Kim is the co-founder and lead choreographer of the 1MILLION dance studio and is known as a world-class choreographer with 1.19 million subscribers on her personal YouTube channel. She has choreographed many hits such as “TT” by TWICE and “Gashina” by Sunmi in Korea.

Source: daum


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