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Lisa from BLACKPINK and her one-of-a-kind pants on stage

Lisa from BLACKPINK is always wearing the most unique pair of pants.

Lisa is called the living doll of K-pop thanks to her stunning visuals. Even though she looks beautiful no matter what she wears, fans are still sometimes shocked by her outfits that are so unique. Lisa even has a collection of the weirdest looking pants.

Lisa and her “love” for weird pants

BLACKPINK is going on a world tour. In addition to spectacular performances, the girls at each stop of the tour invite fans to a fashion party. Lisa especially stands out with her one-of-a-kind outfits, especially the pants.

Instead of wearing normal pants, Lisa likes jeans with unusual patterns. However, no matter how weird they look, these types of jeans still somehow look good on Lisa. Matching it with a corset of the same fabric, Lisa showed a narrow waist and long legs.

Lisa black pink pants
The design is odd, but it perfectly highlights Lisa’s perfect body

At the second BLACKPINK concert in Los Angeles, Lisa’s pants were even more unique. The leg of her pants had been cut into a long line and pinned with countless flat pins. BLACKPINK stylists have been promoting this position for a long time, and their level of creativity has reached a new height, leaving fans speechless.

Lisa black pink pants
The BLACKPINK stylist has created a unique design of trousers with safety pins
Lisa black pink pants
Lisa once again beautifully decorated such a unique stylization
black and pink fox
Hypnotizing an idol makes it easier for her to conquer the hearts of her fans

As odd as they are, Lisa’s stage costumes boast staggering prices. In particular, her weird cut-out jeans cost $475, while her corset top was priced at $995.

Lisa's black and pink outfit
Stunning prices for Lisa’s stage costumes

In fact, over the years Lisa has worn so many one-of-a-kind pant designs that fans can’t help but gasp. Some notable examples are pants with separate legs, pants with only one leg, and pants over pants.

Unique pants designed by BLACKPINK Lisa

Fans joke that the BLACKPINK stylist prefers “foreign clothes”, especially when it comes to Lisa’s pants.

Although they seem strange, all pants look great and fashionable when Lisa puts them on. This may be due to Lisa’s outstanding physique with extremely long legs, which can complement any style of clothing, regardless of cuts.

black and pink fox
The member of BLACKPINK never ceases to shock the audience with her strange outfits

Clothes often make the man. However, in the case of Lisa’s pants, the idol is the one who “saves” them.

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