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List of world close friends of the Chinese actor Li Yifeng, who was recently arrested for prostitution … “There is a Korean star”

Chinese singer and actress Li Yifeng has come under the spotlight recently due to the prostitution scandal.

According to China Central TV, Beijing police have uncovered evidence that Li Yifeng has recently engaged in illegal prostitution on several occasions.

Li Yifeng pleaded guilty to the charges and has already been detained. After an official announcement by the police, several brands, including the brand of fruit and vegetable drinks, Honma golf equipment, the brand of Panerai luxury watches, etc., immediately terminated their contracts with Li Yifeng.

In addition, the prestigious awards ceremony in China, Huading, also announced that they will cancel two awards, for Best Actor and Favorite Television Drama Star, which Li Yifeng received in 2017.

Since Li Yifeng is practically on the verge of being kicked out of the entertainment industry, his list of close friends and celebrities has caught the attention of Internet users.

Li Yifeng

Li Yifeng is a close friend of ex-BIG BANG member Seungri and Kris Wu, ex-EXO member.

Seungri was indicted and sentenced to one year and six months in prison on 9 counts, including compulsive gambling, violation of the law on punishment for commercial sex (deals, prostitution), embezzlement in business, obliteration of evidence, violation of foreign exchange transactions Act, violation of the law on special cases of sexual violence (video) and violation of the Food Hygiene Act.


Kris Wu has also been arrested and on trial for sexual harassment of minors.

Li Yifeng

In addition, Wang Sicong, the sole heir to China’s largest real estate conglomerate Wanda Group, is also known to be close to Li Yifeng.

Meanwhile, Li Yifeng collided with a railing while driving a Lamborghini in 2016 and reportedly left the scene of the accident even before police arrived.

Li Yifeng

Although Li Yifeng explained that he left immediately due to his scheduled trip abroad in the morning, the actor continued to face severe criticism for leaving the scene after causing the accident.

Li Yifeng

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