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LOONA fans and staff defend Chuu, shoot BlockBerry Creative

“Abuse of power, it’s really funny…”

From today, Chuu is no longer a member LONDON. In an official statement, shared on the group’s fancafe, BlockBerry Creativity announced that Chuu had been removed from LOONA for her behavior towards the agency’s employees.

Chuu with the fans.

Based on LOONA members’ love for the band and concern for their fans, they tried to show their feelings by doing their best in their performances and content, rather than talking about what is true and what is false.

However, we have recently been told about Chuu’s verbal abuse and power-wielding tendencies towards our staff. After investigating, we discovered the truth. Our agency staff apologize and comfort affected staff members. We decided to take responsibility and remove Chuu from LOONA.

— BlockBerry Creativity

BlockBerry Creative stated that both LOONA and the agency “go back to our roots and work so hard that an incident like this never happens again.” However, some fans do not believe that the “incident” happened in the first place.

Instead, they claim that BlockBerry Creative is trying to silence Chuu and cover up the alleged mistreatment of her.

Fans aren’t the only ones coming to Chuu’s defense. Writer with Chuu can do it (also known as Chuu Protect the Earth) denied BlockBerry Creative’s claims about Chuu’s attitude towards staff.

The photographer, who has collaborated with LOONA several times, also painted a completely different image of the star, bringing back fond memories of Chuu on the set.

Read the BlockBerry Creative announcement here:

BlockBerry Creative announces that Chuu has been kicked out of LOONA


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