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LOONA Hyunjin showed support for Chuu who was kicked out of the group

Blockberry Creative claimed that they kicked Chuu out of LOONA because of her bad attitude, but her groupmate Hyunjin expressed anger.

After Chuu was kicked out of LOONA on November 25, her former groupmate Hyunjin posted on the Fab fan platform: “My head hurts. My heart hurts too. I’m so angry. I’m very angry.”

and they are hyunjins

Fans then asked if they were okay and expressed concern by leaving comments such as: “Can you write this on Fab?”, “We’re heartbroken too”, “Let’s be careful just in case”and “Are you going to get in trouble?”

and they are hyunjins
and they are hyunjins

To which Hyunjin replied:I’m sure Chuu is the most heartbroken right now. Please show her your love and support.”

and they are hyunjins
and they are hyunjins

Earlier on November 25, Block Berry Creative, agency LOONA, released a shocking statement that reads: “Chuu has been found to have abused her power and used violent language towards our agency staff, so we have decided to remove Chuu as a LOONA member effective today. Agency representatives apologize and comfort the staff. We also apologize to the fans.”

loona chuu

source: wikitree


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