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Los Espookys is the best show you don’t watch

Ddescribing the premise spooky, HBO’s craziest sitcom, and his first predominantly Spanish-language series, is pretty easy. A failed group of friends starts a business where they throw false supernatural events for people who pay them. In the first episode, released three years ago, the team is hired by an elderly priest who loses the favor of his congregation to a younger cleric with gorgeous hair and shiny lips. He asks Los Espookys to fake an exorcism to bolster his reputation.

This is the premise of the show. However, its sensitivity is more difficult to define. The series, which returns in the much-delayed second season this week, Sky Atlantic and NOW, is a comedy that exists in an elusive space. Not only because the Latin American country in which the action takes place is unnamed, but because surrealism and down-to-earthness sit side by side there. While the resources the group uses to put on their spooky glasses are endearingly low-budget – a borrowed costume, some SFX makeup, an overtime smoke machine – their daily routine is steeped in a real weirdness. For example, one of them communicates regularly with the water demon who is obsessed with the 2010 Colin Firth movie The King’s Speech. In season two, the same character asks the moon (personified by Oscar nominee Yalitza Aparicio wearing a silver sequin jumpsuit) to glow brighter for a moment so that he can find the lost earring. When one of their customers gets trapped in an alternate reality after passing through a mirror, the question isn’t why an alternate reality exists, but why they bought the wrong type of magic mirror. Such moments are perceived by the audience at face value. Maybe they are real. May not. Who cares? Having fun.

That’s it spooky it’s all about having fun. Which makes sense considering it does Saturday night live in his DNA. Made by SNL Stars Fred Armisen and Julio Torres, as well as comedian Ana Fabrega (all write and perform together), the show is an antidote to self-seriousness. It’s illogical, capricious, serious. Considering his SNL-Approved cast, respected platform on HBO, 100 percent Rotten tomatoes celebrity rating and performances (Isabella Rossellini appears in season two), it’s a miracle that spooky still flying below the radar. The fact that he is in Spanish will have something to do with it – but it’s a shame because spooky is one of the best, most memorable amenities television has had to offer in the past decade.

Unusual heroes may be fashionable, but characters at heart spooky they are totally cute. It is a colorful team consisting of a cool and harmonious Urszula (Cassandra Ciangherotti), her crazy sister Tati (Fabrega) and the founder of the group Renaldo (Bernado Velasco), whose leather jackets and chain jewelry contradict the soft interior. Even Andres, the moody and melodramatic heir to Torres’ chocolate fortune, is a snob who cannot help but cheer. Talking about spookyArmisen said he wanted to create a program with a fundamentally optimistic outlook. “I just don’t like conflict on TV,” he said New York Times.

So, instead of conflict, there is stupidity. In the opening scene of Season Two, Tati impersonates Shakira. The group was hired by a spoiled artist whose sculpture of the Colombian singer was criticized because it did not look like her. Shakira from Tati – who, apart from the low-waisted trousers and gorgeous mane, also doesn’t look like her – tells an audience of art critics, “Wow, I can’t believe how exactly you captured my image. As you can see, one of my eyes is bigger than the other … So please don’t get mad at this woman for making this statue, considering it’s the only one that actually looks like me. I have to go. I’m late for the World Cup. Waka Waka! “Not quite a supernatural encounter, but there are no rules here spooky.

Another thing the program aims at is originality. Everything looks, feels and sounds the same right now. Take the logline from each future release and I’ll predict a few keywords: thriller, dark, twisted, buried secret. Maybe there is a detective. This is TV soup: a mine of easily digestible ingredients that is easily absorbed and leaves no impression. Scroll through the Emmy winners from the beginning of this week (Inheritance, Cutting off, Playing squids, White lotus, Yellow jackets, Hacks, Abbott Elementary, Barry, Ozark) and you’ll see how much viewers appreciate your fresh, honest idea. AND spooky should be on this list. It’s original – and not in the big “O”, which has lost all sense due to the ubiquitous Netflix Original (… adaptations of best-selling novels). A comedy about vampires by Jemaine Clement What we do in the shade it is a worthy point of comparison, but despite this, although both concerts have unusual humor, their rhythms differ from each other.

The task of the “Los Espookys” team is to create foreign laboratory facilities for government presentation

(Heaven / HBO)

spooky it’s also visually exciting. Each shot is screenshot worthy in the same way as any shot in a Wes Anderson film. The photos do not strive for naturalism, and the color palette is bold and thoughtful. From Andrés’ pale blue hair to the chewing pink headquarters of the naive American ambassador, Melania (Greta Titelman), whom our heroes turn to in search of visas to the US (when going out in a storm one night, several green cards fly out of her purse: with the ground, now they broke! “), spooky does not tire your eyesight.

The duration of the program is also important. A lot has been said recently about brevity, with streamers regularly releasing hour-long episodes of a nine-episode series that may have been – and in many cases should have been – a 90-minute movie. However, everyone spooky installment timers in 25 minutes. Each bite is short, sweet and makes you want more. It’s a new feeling these days. In the television landscape increasingly defined by the litter in the center of the earth, spooky dares to be different – and so much the better.

The second season of Los Espookys can be watched on Sky Atlantic and NOW on September 16


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