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Makeup artist NewJeans responds to the criticism of the group’s latest styling – who is to blame?

Makeup artist NewJeans responds to the criticism of the group’s latest styling – who is to blame?

NewJeans stylists have recently criticized the group’s questionable latest outfits and makeup. Now the group’s make-up artist took the floor to solve this problem.

Read on to find out more.

NewJeans draws mixed reactions to the group’s latest outfits and makeup

Since their unexpected debut in August this year, debuting group NewJeans has attracted attention not only with their addictive songs, the looks of each member, but also with their trend-setting fashion.

The group became known for their Y2K fashion, often impressing fans with a great mix of modern and nostalgic elements, which earned both NewJeans and their stylists a lot of praise.

(Photo: Twitter: @kpop_sbs)
New Jeans

However, in recent days, NewJeans and their stylists have been tilting their heads with quite eccentric fashion choices as well as makeup and hairstyles.

Some of the cases that sparked criticism of NewJeans from internet users concerned their costumes when they participated in 2022 Fakt’s Music Awards (TMA) and more recently 2022 KCON Japan.

New Jeans

(Photo: Twitter: @ njjeans801)
NewJeans at The Fact Music Awards 2022

At TMA, members wore clothes of various designs. While some internet users found their outfits at the party to be creative and even age appropriate as members ages ranged from 14 to 18 in international estimates, other internet users found their outfits too mismatched and bizarre.

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New Jeans

(Photo: OSEN)
New jeans in 2022 KCON Japan

In case of their appearance this year KCON JapanNewJeans demonstrated a fun style by combining Y2K aesthetics with athletic streetwear. While many said the group’s outfits reflected what the Y2K mod was, others thought the styling was too confusing and “losing its direction”.

Make-up artist NewJeans responds to the latest critics

With the recent NewJeans outfits provoking mixed reactions, Internet users are now wondering if the group’s stylists have changed because their outfits from years ago are so much better and more pleasing to the eyes.

Looking at the recent interest in their styling, it seems that negative feedback has reached the ears of NewJeans stylists.

On October 16, one of the makeup artists of the singer “Hype Boy” reportedly took to her social media to respond to ongoing criticism. In her Instagram account, she reveals that her team was not responsible for NewJeans’ seemingly controversial hairstyles and makeup, and suggests that someone else did the job.

New Jeans

(Photo: Twitter: @kpop_sbs)
New Jeans

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“After reading a lot of comments and opinions all night long, I think it’s best to explain [the situation]. NewJeans makeup for KCON Japan is not related to me or our team and it is not my job, ”said makeup artist NewJeans.

Unfortunately, the make-up artist did not explain further who styled the group 2022 KCON Japan. Some even speculate that NewJeans were assigned to Japanese stylists to give them the popular “Harajuku style”.

What do you think about their style?

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